Welcome to the Poke-Dex! Here you'll find info and pictures of all the pokemon. This is a basic, universal Poke-Dex that does not require any extensive knowledge of the Pokemon games.

Why make a Poke-Dex when there are already many great ones on other sites?

- There are many huge, detailed Poke-Dexs on other Pokemon fan sites such as Serebii.net, Bulbapedia, and Veekun. However, I feel that their Poke-Dexs may be too overwhelming and extensive for those who are only casually interested in Pokemon. The multitude of game mechanics, statistics, images, charts, etc., on their Poke-Dexs can be jarring for those who only want a general idea about each pokemon. Therefore, my Poke-Dex is meant to be a simple, accessible one that presents basic, condensed information about each pokemon.

Why use images from the trading cards?

-I feel that the artwork on the Pokemon trading cards better represents each pokemon than the generic stock art that's commonly seen on all other forms of Pokemon merchandise. The trading cards often show pokemon in more dynamic poses, with attractive backgrounds, which I feel is more effective at portraying their best likeness.

The pokemon are listed in order by their National Poke-Dex number. If you are searching for a particular pokemon and do not know where it falls in the list, you can use the "Find" feature on your web browser (Go to "Edit," select "Find," then type in the name of the pokemon).

The pictures of the pokemon in this Poke-Dex were used with permission from the dedicated fans at PokeBeach. Poke-Dex information and text were cited from Bulbapedia and Veekun. The text of each Poke-Dex entry was altered and arranged into a coherent paragraph by me. If you would like to reproduce any portion of this Poke-Dex, please ask permission from the appropriate source.

The Poke-Dex is still a work in progress. I'm not sure when I will be able to complete it but I'm gonna try =)

001 Bulbasaur

002 Ivysaur

003 Venusaur

004 Charmander

005 Charmeleon

006 Charizard

007 Squirtle

008 Wartortle

009 Blastoise

010 Caterpie

011 Metapod

012 Butterfree

013 Weedle

014 Kakuna

015 Beedrill

016 Pidgey

017 Pidgeotto

018 Pidgeot

019 Rattata

020 Raticate

021 Spearow

022 Fearow

023 Ekans

024 Arbok

025 Pikachu

026 Raichu

027 Sandshrew

028 Sandslash

029 Nidoran (female)

030 Nidorina

031 Nidoqueen

032 Nidoran (male)

033 Nidorino

034 Nidoking

035 Clefairy

036 Clefable

037 Vulpix

038 Ninetales

039 Jigglypuff

040 Wigglytuff

041 Zubat

042 Golbat

043 Oddish

044 Gloom

045 Vileplume

046 Paras

047 Parasect

441 Chatot

442 Spiritomb

443 Gible

444 Gabite

445 Garchomp

446 Munchlax

447 Riolu

448 Lucario

449 Hippopotas

450 Hippowdon

451 Skorupi

452 Drapion

453 Croagunk

454 Toxicroak

455 Carnivine

456 Finneon

457 Lumineon

458 Mantyke

459 Snover

460 Abomasnow

461 Weavile

462 Magnezone

463 Lickilicky

464 Rhyperior

465 Tangrowth

466 Electivire

467 Magmortar

468 Togekiss

469 Yanmega

470 Leafeon

471 Glaceon

472 Gliscor

473 Mamoswine

474 Porygon-Z

475 Gallade

476 Probopass

477 Dusknoir

478 Froslass

479 Rotom

480 Uxie

481 Mesprit

482 Azelf

483 Dialga

484 Palkia

485 Heatran

486 Regigigas

487 Giratina

488 Cresselia

489 Phione

490 Manaphy

491 Darkrai

492 Shaymin

493 Arceus

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