Original Japanese name: Kameeru

Type: Water

Species: Turtle

Height: 3'3"

Weight: 49.6lbs

Evolution: Evolves from Squirtle; evolves into Blastoise

Wartortle's large tail, which is covered in a rich, thick fur, is a symbol of longevity. As a result, it is quite popular as a pet, especially among older people. Wartortle is said to be able to live for 10,000 years, and its tail becomes increasingly deeper in color as it ages. If its shell has algae on it, that Wartortle is very old. The scratches on its shell are evidence of this pokemon's toughness as a battler. When tapped, Wartortle will pull in its head, but its tail will still stick out a little bit. It often hides in water to stalk unwary prey. It stores air in its tail fur before taking extended dives underwater. When swimming fast, it cleverly controls its furry ears and tail to maintain its balance.

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