Original Japanese name: Purin

Type: Normal

Species: Balloon

Height: 1'8"

Weight: 12.1lbs

Evolution: Evolves from Igglybuff; evolves into Wigglytuff

Jigglypuff captivates foes by wavering its cute, round eyes, then it sings a mysteriously soothing melody. Humans and pokemon hearing this song fall asleep. Jigglypuff's vocal chords can freely adjust the wavelength of its voice. The sound waves of its singing voice match the brain waves of someone in a deep sleep. This pokemon uses this ability to sing at precisely the right wavelength to make its foes most drowsy. When it sings, it never pauses to breathe. If it is in a battle against an opponent that does not easily fall asleep, Jigglypuff cannot breathe, endangering its life. If it inflates to sing a lullaby, it can perform longer and cause sure drowsiness in its audience.

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