Original Japanese name: Koratta (Korat)

Type: Normal

Species: Mouse

Height: 1'

Weight: 7.7lbs

Evolution: Evolves into Raticate

Rattata is cautious in the extreme. It appears to be jittery and unable to remain still. Even while it is asleep, it constantly listens for danger by moving its ears around. It is not picky about where it lives or what it eats - it will make its nest anywhere and eat anything. Its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment where it ceaselessly scavenges for edibles the entire day. Wherever food is available, it will settle down and produce offspring quickly and continuously. It is a common sight in many places, and if you see one, it is certain that 40 more live in the area. Rattata bites anything when it attacks with its long and sharp fangs. The fangs grow continuously, so it's always scurrying around, gnawing on hard objects to whittle them down.

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