Original Japanese name: Pukurin

Type: Normal

Species: Balloon

Height: 3'3"

Weight: 26.5lbs

Evolution: Evolves from Jigglypuff

Wigglytuff's body is flexible and full of elasticity. Its soft and supple skin allows it to expand like a balloon. When angry, it will suck in air and inflate itself to an enormous size, attacking with moves like Body Slam. By inhaling deeply, it can continue to inflate itself without limit. Once inflated, Wigglytuff bounces along lightly like a balloon. Its fur is extremely fine, dense, and supple. The exquisitely pleasant fur conveys an image of luxury. The fur feels so good that if two Wigglytuff snuggle together, they won't want to be separated. Sleeping alongside a Wigglytuff is simply divine, and anyone who feels the fur can't stop touching it. Wigglytuff has large, saucer-like eyes. The surfaces of its eyes are always covered with a thin layer of tears. If any dust gets in this pokemon's eyes, it is quickly washed away.

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