Original Japanese name: Zubatto (Zubat)

Type: Poison/Flying

Species: Bat

Height: 2'7"

Weight: 16.5lbs

Evolution: Evolves into Golbat

Zubat has neither eyes nor a nose. While living in pitch-black caverns, its eyes gradually grew shut and deprived it of vision. When it flies, it constantly emits ultrasonic cries from its mouth that bounce back to its large ears, enabling it to fly safely. The cries act as a sonar used to check for objects in its way, allowing it to fly in darkness. Zubat form colonies in perpetually dark places and use their ultrasonic waves to identify and approach targets. Zubat remains quietly unmoving in a dark spot during the bright daylight hours because prolonged exposure to the sun is bad for its health and causes its body to become slightly burned. During the day, it gathers with others on the ceilings of old buildings, caves, in forests, or under the eaves of houses to sleep while hanging upside down until sundown.

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