English Voice: Debi Derryberry

Seiyuu: Etsuko Kozakura

At first glance, Ryo-ohki may seem like a cute little animal, but she's actually Ryoko's spaceship. She can transform when necessary, but she usually stays in her "cabbit" form(part cat, part rabbit). Like Ryoko, Ryo-ohki can go through walls, and she and Ryoko are telepathically linked. Ryo-ohki's also a big time carrot lover! ^_^ She's cute, sweet, and friendly, which is probably why she became good friends with Sasami.

In the OVA series, she also gains the ability to change into a human form by assimilating with the MASU creatures. In the Tenchi in Tokyo series, Ryo-ohki is Sasami's pet, and not only can she become a spaceship, but also a big bunny robot, as well!

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