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NOTE: I am currently not accepting anymore affiliates. So if you send me an e-mail asking to become an Anime Yume affiliate, it will be ignored. Sorry, but I'm just too busy with other things now to deal with affiliation requests. I might reopen affiliation in the future, so please be patient until then =) Thanks! You can still scroll down the page to see the past affiliation and linkage requirements...

Thank you for wanting to become an Anime Yume affiliate! ^_^ To me, affiliation is a special privilege reserved for sites with good content, are easy to navigate, are well organized, are frequently updated, and have dedicated webrunners. So that doesn't mean I will affiliate with every site that applies. The same rules apply for affiliation as they do with regular site linkage. I WILL NOT affiliate nor link to...

- Sites that promote hentai and/or most yaoi/yuri

- Personal web pages, neo pets guilds, xanga sites, live journals, etc.

- Any "anti-" type sites, such as anti-some anime or anti-some character, etc.

- Sites with little or no content, or sites that are mostly made up of content taken from other sites(without giving those sites credit or direct linking every file.)

- Sites that have less than 10 pages of good, unique anime content(information, images, media, etc.)

- Sites that are disorganized and have a lot of spelling and grammar errors

- Sites that I deem overly gruesome, obscene, or just plain disturbing or stupid

The following rules apply for affiliation only...

- Of course, the site has to be yours

- Your site must be anime-related. It can either be about anime in general, or it can focus on just one(or more) anime

- Your site must be updated at least once every couple of months. The more updates, the better of course. However, I might make some exceptions to this rule depending on how much content your site already has...

- gets roughly between 500 to 800 hits a day. But all I ask is that your site gets at least somewhere between 100 and 200 hits a day(again, depending on how good your site is, I might make some exceptions...)

- Your site must have AT LEAST 15 PAGES of good, unique, anime content(i.e, information, images, downloads, etc.) It's okay if your site has a few "coming soon" or "under construction" pages, but not too many(the pages with content should greatly outnumber those without)

- I will not affiliate with group(msn or others), forum, blog, message board, chat, etc., sites. Your site can have these things on them as long as that's not basically all it has

- Your site must have its own domain name, meaning not a freewebs or other similar free site(you must have some monthly payment on your site.)

- No pop-out ads on your site! Other advertising is ok, as long as there's not too much of it

- Your site must be AT LEAST A YEAR OLD! The reason being is that too many people have been pushing their brand-new sites for affiliation, and since the sites are so new, they lack the amount of content I want, and a lot of them also lack organization, decent spelling, and many other things I asked for. I might link to your new site, but don't expect affiliation. If you've managed to keep your anime site going for a year(and it gets 100 to 200 hits a day), that usually means you're serious about having a web site. Don't bother trying to affiliate a brand new site...I'll be able to tell

- If I do affiliate with your site, you must have a linkage button I can use to put with my other affiliates. The button must be no bigger than 88x36. If you don't have such a button, I can make one for you

- Once your site is affiliated with, I will post its linkage button along with my other affiliates. In addition, I will also post its link on the appropriate page of the Links section. So likewise, I expect you to post a link to on your site's affiliates page. You can use any of the images I have on the Link To Me page, or a simple text link is fine too(you can even make your own link image for me if you want)

- If your site has to go on hiatus at anytime, that's fine. As long as you show some sign that you intend to bring it back eventually, I'll keep your site affiliated. However if the hiatus lasts for over 4 months, I may reconsider

- And the last rule, even if your site becomes an Anime Yume affiliate, if at any time your site fails to comply to these rules(for example, you stop updating it as much as you should or you take down a lot of its content) then I may choose to terminate Anime Yume's affiliation with your site and I will remove your site from my affiliates section(I may also ask you to remove Anime Yume from your affiliates.) I make frequent check-ups on all of my affiliates from time to time, so make sure you keep working on your site! XD

Thanks for reading the rules! If you still think your site could become an affiliate, then please send me the URL via e-mail. I would also like to know a little bit about your site, such as what kind of content it has, how old it is, how often you update it, etc. Well with that said, I'll check out your site, and get back to you as soon as I can ^_^

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