If you'd like to link to AnimeYume.com, you can use any of the link images below (a text link is fine, too.)

- 88x36 buttons

- 468x60 banners

Please link the banner to: http://www.animeyume.com

If you want me to link to your site, just send me the URL, and if I like it, I'll link to it ^_^ However, I reserve the right not to link to any site I don't like. Examples of sites that I WILL NOT link to are...

- Sites that promote hentai and/or yaoi/yuri sites that only focus on fan-made relationships

- Personal web pages, myspace, neo pets guilds, xanga sites, live journals, etc. I would really prefer a site with a domain name (not a freewebs site), but I might make some exceptions

- Any "anti-" type sites or "hate" sites, such as anti-some anime or anti-some character, etc.

- Sites with little or no content, or sites that are mostly made up of content taken from other sites (without giving those sites credit or direct linking every image)

- Sites that have less than 10 pages of good, unique content

- Sites that are disorganized and have a lot of spelling and grammar errors

- Sites that I deem overly gruesome, obscene, or just plain disturbing or stupid

Well, with that said, e-mail me the URL, and I'll put your site on the Links page as soon as I can ^_^

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