Tenchi Muyo! Picture Gallery

The whole gang with a big Ryo-ohki!

Sasami holding balloons that have everyone's faces on them ^_^

The entire Tenchi Muyo! cast!

The gang with a karaoke set

A cool pic from Tenchi Muyo! In Love

Everyone's covered in Ryo-ohkis! ^.^

Everyone as Alice in Wonderland characters!

Ryo-ohki and Ken-ohki

Taking care of little Taro, LOL

Looks like everyone's jumping into the water (Except for Tenchi...he's being pulled down!)

Sasami and Tsunami!

The gang holding little glowing lanterns (Ryoko's holding nine of them, hehe)

A cool pic from the exciting Tenchi Universe climax!

Ryoko and Ayeka playing a not-so-friendly game of volleyball (LOL, Tenchi's face is on the ball!)

A cute pic of the gang going down a water slide

Ryoko VS Nagi!

Another cute group pic

The gang at the pool (LOL, poor Ayeka ^^,,,)

Everyone on a boat dressed in Japanese clothing (I think Mihoshi and Kiyone had too much to drink, hehe)

A kawaii Christmas pic! ^_^

Another cute Christmas pic!

A typical dinner time at Tenchi's house!

A cool manga pic

Ryoko and Ayeka's dream wedding!

Poor, poor Tenchi...

Ryoko and Ayeka as singing partners...not really! ^^,,, (How many Ryo-ohkis can you find?)

The Tenchi Universe cast (Most of the girls are in swim suits)

A cute pic from "No Need for Hiding"

A Godzilla take-off pic! (Ryo-ohki is still adorable! ^_^)

A Star Wars take-off pic!

"Welcome to the Masaki home, LOL!"

Abbey Road, Tenchi style! :)

The cover of a Sega Saturn game

The cover of another Sega Saturn game

A typical hot spring scene ^^,,, (Mayuka's there, too)

Gotta love(and pity) that little Tenchi doll ^^


Everyone sitting on a giant Ryo-ohki

The gang building a stone statue of Ryo-ohki (Mihoshi broke its whisker ^^,,,)

Ryoko holding a carrot with chibis on it ^_^

Everyone loves Sasami's cooking!

Plushies! (I want them! ^.^)

Whoa, Tenchi's strong

Cute pic, but poor Tenchi...again ^^,,,

Tenchi and the girls

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