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No Need for Tenchi! Manga Scans

Here are some manga scans that I made from the Tenchi graphic novels. They're good quality but sometimes the picture gets a bit fuzzy or cropped off at the edges. That's 'cause it's hard to flatten out the pages of the book onto the scanner. But I think most of them came out pretty good!

Ryoko and Ayeka fantasize about being with Tenchi!

Sasami with posters of the rest of the gang behind her (Ryoko's the only one that's "wanted" LOL ^_^)

Sasami takes care of an injured wolf

Little Sasami and Asahi carve a cute wooden statue

The whole gang set off for adventure!

Nobuyuki and Yosho have to take care of Taro (but he only wants to be with Washu! ^^,,,)

A cute pic of Minagi with the rest of the group behind her

Ryoko and Washu share a cute "mother-daughter" moment, LOL! (See "Here Comes Jurai: Part Two" to get the joke ^^)

A really cool pic of Minagi (Her eyes look so pretty! *_*)

A pretty pic of Sasami standing by the ocean

A bird's-eye-view of the whole gang

Everyone enjoys a starry night (and Sasami wishes upon a star)

Mihoshi's the ruler of the world?! That's a scary thought! 0_0

Ryoko and Ayeka race to Tenchi!

Color pic! The cover of volume 12!

Everyone jumps off of Ryo-ohki!

The last page of the volume 12. Everyone says goodbye (::sniff:: ^^a)

Ryo-ohki and her human forms! ^_^

Ryoko and Ayeka meet a smart-allelic kid!

A day at the beach

Cooking, LOL

Color pic! The cover of Tenchi in Love. Achika with everyone else as chibis! ^_^

A cool pic from Tenchi in Love

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