Special Features

Here you'll find a bunch of other fun or informative anime pages that I felt like making

Anime Surveys: Take or view surveys and see what my visitors' prefer in their anime ^_^

Anime Conventions: Check out my coverage and photos from the anime conventions I've been to

My Anime Autobiography: Read my (very detailed) account of how I became an anime fan and my early influential anime

What is Anime? - the Visual Definition: My first major anime video project!

Anime Imported Calendar Scans: Large scans of the beautiful artwork of anime calendars imported from Japan. Many of these scans you won't find on any other site =)

My Fan Art: I haven't drawn fan art for years but here are some of my old drawings if anyone's interested

My Fan Fics: Like fan art, I've long since lost interest in making fan fics. But here are the three fan fics I've written

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