Slayers Picture Gallery

The entire Next cast!

A more serious Next group

At a Japanese festival

Resting under a tree

The Try group playing basketball, LOL!

A cute pic from a Slayers Try calendar

Lina with the rest of the group in stars

A Dragon Magazine cover

A Slayers Next card pack

The Next cast at a party! ^_^

The Try cast dressed as super heroes trying to stop a rampaging Filia!

A beautiful Slayers Try magazine cover

Another cool Try group

The Slayers cast with the cast from Lost Universe

A cute CD cover

Lina and the gang posing! ^^

From Try - everyone wielding the four light weapons!


Running a marathon! So kawaii! (I would be like Xellos, LOL ~^_^~)

Lina as a Queen, Zel in a tux, and the rest as chibis (LOL, Gourry loves his jellyfish costume!)

More kawaii chibis!

The original Slayers with the villains as chibis ^_^

Lina holding a treasure box full of chibis!

The Try cast! (I love baby Valgaav! ~^.^~)

Chibi Lina and Gourry in a maze ^_^

Chibi Lina and Gourry blowing bubbles ^^

Manga Scans

Lina and Gourry fight over food(so what else is new? ^^,,,)

Lina rescues a little bunny (proof that she does have a soft side...except when her stomach is concerned, that is!)

Sylphiel saddly notices Gourry's absence

Zel and Amelia punish Gourry for being such a dip, LOL!

Once again, Gourry's airheaded-ness shocks everyone

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