Specific Anime Links

Eva Otaku
Eva Otaku is really special! It's got the complete script of the End of Evangelion and lots of informative FAQs as well

CCS vs CC is a great site that compares Cardcaptor Sakura to its horrible dub, Cardcaptors. The webmistress has written very detailed episode comparisons

The Sea of Chaos
Sea of Chaos is the best source for Slayers pictures

InuyashaWorld.com has Inuyasha news, including episode summaries and screencaps of practically every single episode, midis, fan art, lyrics, and much more

Ear-Tweak is a great site that has tons of information on the Inuyasha anime, manga, and movies, plus song lyrics, reviews, really nice fan art, and other goodies

One of the best Death Note sites with tons of images, information, news, etc.,

This site has literally every artbook, magazine, and other image collections from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya available for direct download

Haruhi Wiki

An extensive fan site for Tokyo Mew Mew

Serebii.net is the absolute best Pokemon information site! It always has tons of information, news, and pictures about upcoming episodes, movies, games, and trading cards that can't be found anywhere else!

Dogasu's Backpack
Dogasu's has tons of Pokemon information and great English vs Japanese comparisons of all the Pokemon episodes and movies!

*Suta-Raito* All Anime!
Suta-Raito is a unique site that presents Pokemon and Digimon(as well as a few other anime) in a cute, Neopets-style, cartoony look, with a lot fan art, humor, and other cool stuff

NPLU(Neglected Pokemon Lovers Unite) is a unique site focusing on the less popular("neglected") pokemon. But probably the best part of this site is that it has mp3s of practically every Pokemon song there is, Japanese and English!


Kokoro no Naka is another great Yu-Gi-Oh! site with lots of screencaps and other stuff

Yu-Jyo has very detailed episode summaries comparing the Japanese and English dubbed episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!

A nice Love Hina site dedicated to Naru. Has lots of info, pictures, and mp3s

Swords Don't Go With Dresses
A fun and informative Utena site

Naruto-Kun is a great Naruto site!

The ultimate Full Metal Alchemist site!

One Piece Episode Comparisons
This site has very informative comparisons of the Japanese and English episodes of One Piece

Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series
An original and incredibly hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh! parody series XD

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