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I do not claim the rights to any of the anime, names, characters, etc., used on this site. is simply a fan site I made out of my love of anime and my yearning to share it with others. I am not making any profit off of Anime (on the contrary, it's costing me money :P) However, the site itself, its layout, and most of its content, especially its written content, were made by me and my many painstaking hours of dedication over the years. Thus, if you would like to use any content from this site for your own web site, please read through this policy so you can be sure and give appropriate credit where it is due. You'll notice that certain pages of the site, usually the ones with a lot of written content or images, have a little warning in italics at the top of them. The warning is there just to reinforce the fact that I put a lot of work into that particular page or section of pages, so I especially don't want them posted on another site without giving me credit. Here's a rough breakdown of Anime Yume's content:


Written Content

Unless otherwise stated, ALL of the written text on this site is mine. This includes ALL of the Character Bios, ALL of the Story Synopsis pages, and pretty much any long or extensively written page on the site. To make it simple, every byte of text on this site came from my own brain and my own two hands (along with many hours of hard work) so PLEASE ask my permission first before posting it anywhere else. Just tell me exactly what you want to use and the URL of the site you'll be posting it on. Most likely I'll say yes and ask you to post something like "this page created by" or "used with permission from" or something of that nature somewhere on the page that you're using, along with a link back to And of course (I can't believe I have to say this, but sadly it does happen), don't claim any of it as your own.

Pictures, Scans, and Screencaps

Number 1 rule for images: NO DIRECT LINKING!

For those of you who don't know what direct linking is, it's when one web site copies the exact link of an image or any other file from another web site. That way, even when someone views the file on the web site that copied it, it costs the original web site bandwidth, and thus money. Direct linking is usually considered a violation of most web host's policies. Instead of direct linking an image or file that you want to use, simply download it to your computer first and then upload it to your own web site host.

- Pictures = I'm much more lenient with the use of pictures from on other sites as opposed to written content. Pretty much all of the pictures in all of the Picture Galleries on are official pictures, made by the animes' creators, that no one web site can really claim the rights to. A lot are scans that I made myself, but most I've gotten from various other anime sites. I've only posted pictures from sites that are okay with the pictures being posted on another site. I'm pretty sure I didn't post any pictures from sites that don't want their pictures to be posted elsewhere. To give credit, I've posted links to most of those sites on the Links pages. But I can't always remember every single site that I've gotten a picture from. If you happen to see content or pictures on this site that you think I took from another source without giving due credit, please let me know. Other than that, I don't really mind at all if you want to use a few pictures from my site's various Picture Galleries for your own site, but please upload them to your own server. However, if you end up using a lot of pictures (let's say, more than 10) then I guess it would be nice to give me some credit ^_^ A simple link back to would be enough.

- Scans and Screencaps = Unlike the Picture Galleries, most of the card, manga, calendar, art book, etc., scans on the other pages of were made by me, as well as most of the screencaps. These pages should also have a warning in italics at the top to let you know this. But there are some that I got from other sites, so if you wish to use a large amount of scans or screencaps from this site, please contact me first and tell me exactly which ones you would like to use so I can tell you who to give credit to.


The only media files hosted on are short anime opening and ending video clips and mp3s. There are no episode, movie, scanlations, or torrent files here. All media files hosted on are for non-commercial sampling purposes only. In regards to the mp3s, I understand that anime is an expensive hobby, especially when it comes to anime music CDs. Not only is there limited ways of obtaining anime music CDs outside of Japan, but many anime series' have tons of soundtracks and they can cost a lot of money since they are imported products. Because of these reasons, many fans who want anime music are unable to obtain it easily. By hosting mp3 files on Anime Yume, I intend to give fans temporary access to some, but not all, of the music from the various anime series' that I have sections for on my site. My hope is that fans will enjoy the music on Anime Yume enough so that they will buy the actual CDs. My intention in hosting media files, as well as pretty much everything else on this site, is to promote the anime market and not to make any illegal profit. Additional information and rules about the media files on are explained on the media guidelines page.

I guess if you've read this far, you're not the type who's going to be stealing stuff from Anime Yume without giving due credit. But such thievery does happen all the time, and sadly enough, even among fellow anime fans. I honestly can't understand how a person who loves anime could steal content from other people who love anime without giving them credit for their hard work, or even worse, claiming it as their own. But unfortunately it does happen, so if you come across another site that you think has stolen or direct linked content from Anime Yume, please don't hesitate to tell me immediately. If you really want to be helpful, you can report that person to their web host, but only if it's something extreme, like they copied an entire page or direct linked tons of files.

Well, that's about it for the policy! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. Personally, I very much promote the sharing of content among anime sites. The more sites that have good content, the better chances that fans looking for such content will be able to find it, ne? ^_^ Well, with that said, just e-mail me and tell me what content from my site that you wish to use, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! :)

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