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CD Japan
CD Japan is a great site for purchasing all kinds of Japanese music CDs, DVDs, and videos

If you're looking for codes, hints, or walkthroughs to any kind of video game, then check out GameFAQs! It's got tons of hints and tips for practically every video game on every system!

The Quote Garden
This site helped me a lot in making my Animal Quotes page! It's got one of the best collection of quotations

J-Pop Lyrics & Entertainment
Cherryblossom Garden is one of the best sources for J-pop lyrics!

This site is absolutely hilarious! XD Don't know what Engrish is? Check out this site to find out ^^ You'll be addicted before you know it, LOL

Japanese Disney
Find mp3s of Disney songs in Japanese!

Iconator.com: Icons, Avatars, and Away Messages!
Iconator.com has lots of buddy icons and avatars...anime ones too of course! =)

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