2006 Updates


Hey, it's been a while since I had an update here on the main site ^_^ I hope you've all been checking out my latest posts on my blog site. I have just about enough time to do blog posts once or twice a week on top of work, school, and other things. So as I said before, updates here on the main site are going to be spread out from now on.

Anyway, today I finally got around to posting the full version mp3s of the latest Bleach, Pokemon, and Naruto openings and endings. You've probably also noticed that I haven't been rotating the media files lately(the mp3s have been up for a few months now.) I've noticed that the mp3s are a lot more popular than the opening/ending clips, so I've decided to leave them available for a while longer. If people request the return of the opening/ending clips, then I'll go back to the rotation. But for now, I'm leaving the mp3s up, and maybe I'll make a page on my blog to post a few of the latest opening/ending clips as well. We'll see how it goes ^^

Updated/New sections

Bleach Mp3s - 2 new songs, the latest opening and ending

Pokemon Mp3s - 2 new songs, the Diamond & Pearl opening and ending

Naruto Mp3s - 1 new song, the latest opening


Hi, didn't expect me back so soon, huh? ^^ Well, the four 2007 anime calendars I had preordered arrived yesterday, so I spent today making scans of them, and now they're posted for your viewing pleasure ^_^ Enjoy! And just a reminder that I'm currently doing weekly posts on my new anime blog, Mainichi Anime Yume, and updates here on the main site once in a while.

Updated/New sections

Anime Import Calendar Scans - scans are posted for the Bleach, Inuyasha, Pokemon, and Zatch Bell 2007 calendars, a total of 28 new scans ^^ The scans are posted on the Anime Import Calendar Scans page as well as each anime's respective Picture Gallery.


My page about Mikomicon is up! ^_^ My next major update here on the main site will probably be scans of the four anime 2007 calendars I preordered. But they won't arrive until late October, early November, so keep checking back =) And remember, there are now weekly posts on my blog site Mainichi Anime Yume.

Updated/New sections

Mikomicon - my coverage of Mikomicon is up in the Anime Coventions page! =)


I'm finally back ^^ I know, it's been a while. Regrettably, real life things like school and work got in the way of my update time. But anyway, today I have a really important announcement to make. I've officially started my own anime blog! ^_^ It's sort of an extension of, meaning I'll be working on both sites, and some info and files will be shared among them(they're both hosted on my main server, However, most of my updates will be on the blog site, which is called Mainichi Anime Yume, by the way. I will still update from time to time, but for now the blog site is going to be my main focus.

I'm sure you might have few questions about all this, but first, here's a link to the blog site, Mainichi Anime Yume. The post, "Welcome to Mainichi Anime Yume" should explain things in a bit more detail.

And concerns you may have, such as why I decided to start a blog site and how it will affect future updates on AnimeYume, should be answered here.

Again, even though I'm going to be doing a lot of work on Mainichi Anime Yume, will not be closing down and I will continue to do work on it once in a while.

Updated/New sections

Mainichi Anime Yume - my new blog site of course ^^ Hope you guys like it almost as much as AnimeYume at least =P Keep checking the blog for new posts, as well as announcements for any major updates for

- and I still haven't neglected my job of rotating the media files. All the mp3s are now available for download. But I actually just posted a bunch of new opening/ending clips on my blog, so you might want to take a look at those too ^^


Hi, sorry for the delay. I know I said I would try and update before school starts on the 5th, but I just got caught up in a lot of other things. Luckily, I had started working on an update before then, I just didn't have time to finish it until today. Anyway, as for when I'll be able to update again, I really don't know. As I said, school started, so I'll be busy with that. I also started a part-time job this week, so I'll be busy working on days I don't have classes. Plus, since I don't have any Japanese classes this semester, I'll have to do a lot of self-study at home. Because of all these things, updates are going to be very limited, at least for the next few months. I'll try and have an update at least once a month, but I can't make any promises. Sorry, but I'm sure you all understand ^^ Don't worry, Anime Yume isn't going to be closing or anything…I'll still find time to work on it when I can, so keep checking back. Anyway, enjoy the fairly big update today, and I'll be back probably in October sometime =)

Updated/New sections

- I'm sure you're all aware that last time I had to remove nearly all the mp3s and video clips temporarily because my bandwidth was really high last month. Well, for the past few weeks or so, I've been working on fixing this problem by converting all the media files on the site into ZIP files, making them smaller and less prone to streaming and direct linking. So every mp3 and video file on all 24 of the anime sections has been changed to a ZIP file. For those of you who don't know how to open ZIP files, I've added info on the Media File Guidelines page that should help you out. And as for the 8 anime sections that I do the file rotation with, the opening and ending clips are currently available.

Links - like all the media file pages, all the pages in the Links section have also had a face-lift. I've gone through each one, removing all the dead links and adding a bunch of new links to many great sites, so go check 'em out! ^_^

Inuyasha Spoilers - some of you may have noticed that I removed the Inuyasha Spoilers page for a while. The reason was simply because the information on it wasn't spoiler anymore, since the episodes I covered on it have already made their US debut. Actually, currently there's only nine new episodes left for Adult Swim to air before they finish the series. So there isn't really any spoiler information left for me to cover as far as the anime is concerned. So I decided to start making spoilers for the later chapters of the Inuyasha manga which have yet to be released in the US and may or may not be made into anime episodes. These manga spoilers aren't as detailed as the old anime spoilers I used to have, but they do contain a ton of big-time spoilers. They should be enough to appease all you Inuyasha fans for now XD


Hi, sorry for the delay ^^ I've literally spent all of the past couple of weeks catching up on my anime fansubs, and reviewing my Japanese. But I'm pretty caught up on everything now, so time for another update. I start school in less than two weeks, so I'll try and have another update before then. I'm hoping to have a job soon as well, so once all that starts, my time to work on the site will be limited, but I'll do the best I can ^^

One more thing before I go. For some reason, this month my site's bandwidth has been really high. It's almost over its limit already, so unfortunately I had to temporarily take away all the media files from the eight anime sections that I do the rotation with. Again, this is only temporary - once my bandwidth resets in early September I will bring them back, so please don't e-mail me asking me what happened to the media files. Sorry for any inconvenience ^^ Well, enjoy the update!

Updated/New sections

Learn Some Japanese - I finally added Part 6: Particles and Basic Grammar. Not only that, I also added a lot more info to Part 5: Honorifics and Politeness Levels, and a new Japanese writing sample to Part 2: The Japanese Writing System to replace the old, crappy one I made with a paint program line tool, before I was able to actually type Japanese characters on my computer. So yeah, definitely check out all three of these pages ^^ I was going to make Part 6 the last page of the guide, but I decided to extend it to 7 parts. So look out for Part 7 coming soon ^_^

Random Photos - a new page in the Random Stuff section. The name pretty much explains it ^^,,,


Well, it's finally posted – the page all about my trip to Japan! ^_^ There's lots of info and over 100 photos, so enjoy it =) I also added a few new mp3s that I forgot to add last time. I'll probably have another update towards the end of August(I want to spend the next couple of weeks or so catching up on all the anime and manga sitting on my computer, and also reviewing my Japanese ^^) Oh yeah, and about the question I posted last time about the frames, it seems that most visitors can see the frames, regardless of the browser or type of computer they're using. So for the few of you who can't see the frames, all I can suggest is to make sure you have the most updated version of whatever browser you're using. Again, sorry for any convenience ^^ If you have anymore questions or concerns, let me know. Well, guess I'll see you all later!

Updated/New sections

My Trip to Japan - new page in the Random Stuff section ^^ I've been working on this page for the past few days, so I hope you like it!

Zatch Bell Mp3s - 1 new mp3, the full version of ending song 3 "Tsuyogari"

Pokemon Mp3s - 2 new mp3s, the full version of the newest Pokemon Advanced opening song "Spurt!" and the newest ending "I Won't Lose! ~Haruka's Theme~"


Hey, got a pretty big update today. I'm about halfway done with the page about my Japan trip - I got all the photos together(over 100!), so now all I need to do is make the text for the pages ^^ But for now, enjoy the new stuff I have today. Oh yeah, and I rotated the video clips with the mp3s kind of early this month 'cause I have a bunch of new mp3s as you'll see below ^^ And one more thing, I have one more question about the frames layout, so if you take a second and answer it here, I would appreciate it ^^ Well, I'll be back soon!

Updated/New sections First Image Contest - as you may have noticed, I posted a new splash image - the one that won 1st place in the contest! I also posted the other winning entries and results of the contest here

Bleach Mp3s - 1 new mp3, the full version of the latest ending song "Movin!!"

Digimon Mp3s - the Digimon Savers evolution theme, "Believer"

One Piece Mp3s - the full version of the latest One Piece opening song, "Brand New World"

Pokemon Mp3s - 2 new mp3s, the full version of the 4th Pokemon opening song("Mezase Pokemon Master" sung by Whiteberry) as well as the new 9th Pokemon movie song, "Mamoru Beki Mono"

Pokemon Picture Gallery - and lastly, speaking of the 9th Pokemon movie, when I went and saw it in Japan, I bought the movie theater pamphlet which has lots of nice artwork, screenshots, and info about the movie ^_^ I finally got around to posting scans of it(as well as a little 9th movie folder I bought) so enjoy! I think this may be the only site that has these scans ^^


So what do you think of the birthday banner up above that I posted a few days ago? ^_^ It's almost a month late, but better late than never I guess. Anyway, I don't really have an update today, just an announcement. It's come to my attention that some visitors using browsers other than Firefox or Internet Explorer are having trouble viewing the new frames layout(which may also explain why about 30% of visitors voted on last week's poll that they liked the old layout better.) So to help solve this problem, I've made a special navigation page where visitors can still explore the site without having to use the frames. If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer and you still can't see the frames, please let me know(this could be a "PC vs Mac" problem, but I hope not.) Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused anyone ^^,,, Also, I plan to update again very soon, and on Wednesday I will finally select the winners of the Image Contest(only a day and a half left...get those last-minute entries in!) I said my tentative date for announcing the winners would be the 10th, but it will probably be earlier than that ^^ And I'm still working on the page about my trip to's taking a lot longer than I thought, but I think it'll turn out real nice ^^

Ok, see you all soon! More summer updates on the way! And, since I didn't get a chance to say it before, a big thank you to all my visitors for enjoying and supporting throughout these 4 years! ^_^V

Updated/New sections No-Frames Navigation - there should be frames to the left of this page, but if you're one of the visitors whose browser can't view the frames(or you just don't like frames), you can still navigate all the pages of the site through this page. It's not quite as convenient as the frames, but it works fine ^_^


Welcome to's new version 2.0! ^_^ So what do you think of the new frames layout? ^^ Didn't think I'd have time to make one so quickly after my trip to Japan, but it really wasn't that hard. So as you can see, from now on my latest update will be listed here on the homepage. If you want to see old updates, click on the links below. Other than that, everything else is pretty much the same, just easier to naviagate now in my opinion ^^ But what do you think of the new layout? Take a few minutes to look through some of the pages by clicking on the buttons to the left, then tell me your opinion here. There might still be some bugs in it, so if you find any wrong or broken links or any pages that look "off" because of the layout, let me know(also, if you try to return to this page and it takes you to the old homepage, just refresh your browser and it should work.)

Anyway, I should have another update pretty soon, maybe even before I announce the winners of the image contest(you still have about a week and a half left so get those entries in!) Probably the next big addition will be a page all about my trip to Japan of course, but I'm still working on that for now ^^,,, Well, guess I'll see you all soon!

Updated/New sections

- besides the new frames layout, the only thing to report is that I once again rotated the mp3s with the video clips. But new stuff will come soon - a page about my Japan trip, a new splash and homepage banner when I announce the winners, and lots of other good stuff =)


Well, here it is, my last update before I go to Japan for a month ^.^ Remember that contest I mentioned last time? Well all the information about it is posted, so go check it out! And don't worry, updates will be back again in early August. So for now, enjoy the contest, as well as some new mp3s(by the way, I've once again rotated the video clips with the mp3s, so the mp3s will probably stay up until I get back from my trip in July.) And again, I'm leaving for Japan on June 14th and will return on July 17th(add a week or so for me to recover from jet-lag, LOL), during which time I will not be able to work on the site nor answer e-mail. So if there's anything you need to ask me about, such as questions about the new contest, do it now!

Anyway, when I get back from Japan I'm gonna have to look for work, but I also plan on possibly, FINALLY, giving Anime Yume a new layout ^_^ It's not gonna be anything that fancy(probably just converting it to a frames site), and I'm not even sure if I'll have the time or not, but I want to! And even if I don't get a chance to, I'll still have some summer vacation updates for you all ^_^ Well, guess that's about it. I'll miss you guys and the site while I'm away ^^,,, See you in August! ^_^V

Updated/New sections Image Contest - first of all, check out Anime Yume's first ever image contest ^^ For those of you who are interested, I hope you enjoy it. But please make sure you read all the rules first ^_^a Also, Anime Yume's 4th birthday is coming up on the 30th. Unfortunately, I will be studying abroad in Japan at this time, but if you're also interested in making my site a birthday banner in additon to the images for the contest, that would be appreciated as well ^^

Bleach mp3s - 1 new mp3, the full version of the newest ending song, "Hanabi"

Digimon mp3s - 2 new mp3s, the full versions of the Digimon Savers opening and ending songs

Naruto mp3s - 1 new mp3, the full version of the newest opening song, "Re:member"


Hi, got a pretty big update today ^^ But more importantly, I have a very big announcement to make. In exactly a month from now I'm going to go to Japan ^_^ Yup, I'm going to be studying Intermediate Japanese language at Kyoto Sangyo University in Kyoto, Japan for about a month as part of an international extension program from the University of California Riverside. I'm so excited! ^.^ I'll be taking a year's worth of credit in just a month, so the program will involve a lot of intense language learning and other great student activities...just the kind of stuff I want ^^ Plus, a couple of my friends from my Japanese 4 class are going too, so I won't be lonely =) I've actually been preparing and planning for the trip for several months now, but I didn't want to say anything about it because it wasn't definite at first. But it is now! ^_^ The only drawback is that the expense for the program is way beyond my budget; I'm gonna be paying it back for quite a while, but I believe it's well worth it! And unfortunately because of the trip, I'll also be missing Anime Expo this year ~_~ But again, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, and I'm taking it! ^_^

So I'm sure you're all wondering, what's going to happen to Anime Yume while I'm gone? Well it will definitely stay open, but I won't be able to update. A couple of weeks from now is finals week at college, so I'll be busy studying for those. Then I'll have about a week and a half left to do some last-minute preparing for the trip. So I plan on doing one last update sometime in early June. I leave for Japan on June 14th and I won't be returning until July 17th. So again, no updates during that time and I probably won't be able to answer e-mail either. This also means I'll be missing Anime Yume's fourth birthday on June 30th…but don't worry, I have something special planned for you guys while I'm away; a contest! ^_^ Yup, I plan on holding a contest during the month I'm away so you guys won't lose interest in the site, LOL ^^,,, Anyway, I'll explain much more about the contest and other important things on my next update in June. So, guess I'll see you all then!

Updated/New sections

Japanese Gash Bell vs Dubbed Zatch Bell - new page in the Zatch Bell section! ^^

Full Metal Alchemist Character Bios - Wow, I FINALLY decided to get my lazy rear in gear and work on the FMA bios ^^,,, Sorry for the delay...I really want to do a good job on them, which is why I only do them when I'm in the mood, LOL. But anyway, I got a nice new page of bios for the seven homunculus. But just so you know, unless you've seen all the FMA episodes as well as the movie, you're in for some spoilers =)


Hi, got a fairly decent update today...not much else to report, LOL ^^,,, Just one thing, I keep getting e-mails from people who still don't realize that I alternate between the mp3s and opening/ending clips. They keep asking me what happened to one or the other, and I have to keep explaining that if one type of media file isn't currently available, it will be eventually. It says on all the media pages to read the Media File Guidelines before downloading, so I don't know why people still don't get it ~_^ Ah well...and speaking of the media files, I've once again rotated the mp3s with the opening/ending clips, and added a whole bunch of new clips as you'll see below =)

Updated/New sections

Naruto Opening/Ending Videos - 2 new opening clips; the 6th Naruto opening clip, plus the 8th and newest one. I now have all the Naruto opening videos available ^^

Pokemon Opening/Ending Videos - 1 new ending clip; the latest Pokemon Advanced ending video

Digimon Opening/Ending Videos - 1 new opening clip; the opening to the brand new Digimon series, Digimon Savers, is now available! I've been watching Savers and it's ok so far...I may or may not add more stuff on it depending on how much I get to like it ^^

Zatch Bell Opening/Ending Videos - for the first time, the original Japanese Zatch Bell opening/ending clips are available for download ^_^ I've got 2 openings and 2 endings so far

Surveys - I've finally posted the results of my last 2 surveys(the Pokemon and Inuyasha ones.) Pretty interesting ^^ Thanks again to everyone who took them. I haven't had time yet to make any new surveys, but I will =)

- and one last thing. You may have noticed I added a favicon to the entrance and main pages of the site ^_^ Favicons are those little icons you see next to the site address of certain sites on your browser's URL bar(you also see them next to the name of the site if you bookmarked it.) So yeah, that's a nice little touch(by the way, if you see it and you can't tell what it is, it's the kanji character for "yume" ^_^)


Well, I was hoping I'd have time to work on a larger update during spring break, but as it turned out, I have plans every single day from tomorrow until the end of the break. Tomorrow and Thursday I'm going on a trip to San Diego with a couple of friends, and the days after that I'll be seeing other friends that I haven't had time to see during school days(I know you all would rather I spend all my time working on the site and not have a life, but hey…^^,,,) And for the past few days my seasonal allergies have been acting up, so I haven't been feeling well enough to do much of anything. But I'm forcing myself to do an update today so as not to disappoint you guys ^^ I should be able to have another update possibly by the end of the month or so. I may or may not add more new anime sections, or I'll just do work on the sections that need it. I really need to do work on the Full Metal Alchemist section. Now that I've seen all the episodes and movie, I should do more Character Bios and maybe some other pages. Well, we'll see. Until then…

Updated/New sections

Zatch Bell - another brand new anime section! It's about time I added a section for Zatch Bell ^_^ There's a huge lack of Zatch Bell sites out there, so I'm hoping those of you that like it will enjoy the new section. Unfortunately, since there's such a big lack of Zatch Bell sites, there's also a big lack of good Zatch Bell pictures out there, so I haven't been able to make a Picture Gallery for the section. But on the other hand, my Zatch Bell Media section is going to be big. It's going to be the 8th anime section in which I rotate the mp3s and opening/ending clips. So right now, the Zatch Bell mp3s are available, so for those of you who have only seen the dub and haven't heard the Japanese songs, go and check 'em out! And when I rotate the files again, you'll be able to see the original Japanese opening and ending clips too ^_^


Hi, sorry it's been so long ^^ I guess now that I'm taking more units and classes this semester than I used to, I don't have as much free time. But luckily spring break is coming up in about a week, so I should have time then to do at least one big update ^_^ Anyway, today I've got a brand new anime section up, and hopefully more soon enough. Until then...

Updated/New sections

Azumanga Daioh - the Azumanga Daioh section is up! ^_^ Not too much on it now, but will have more soon!

Save the Pokemon Dub! - I'm sure all you Pokemon fans know about this recently disturbing news already, but in case you don't, check out the Pokemon section to find out more! 0_0


Hey, got a big update today! Hope you all enjoy it ^^ I've got two tests coming up later this month that I need to study for, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to update again. But shouldn't be too long…I plan on making new anime sections during my spring break in April(or maybe sooner) so you can look forward to that =)

And one more thing, I've rotated the opening/ending videos with the mp3s. For some reason, people just don't seem to get that I rotate these files every so often…they keep e-mailing me, asking me what happened to the mp3s ~_^ I'm pretty sure I've been making this clear, so hopefully everyone gets it now…

Updated/New sections

Japanese One Piece vs Dubbed One Piece - brand new page in the One Piece section!

Inuyasha FAQ - brand new page in the Inuyasha section!

Pokemon Opening/Ending Videos - 1 new video(of the newest Pokemon Advanced opening, "Spurt!")

Bleach mp3s - 1 new mp3


Hi, just a small update today. Seems I have a lot more studying to do this semester than I had before, but it shouldn't be too long till I can update again ^^,,, So yeah, see you all probably in early March sometime(I'm actually planning on new anime sections within the next few months.) And by the way, thanks to everyone who's taken the new surveys I posted last time. The results are already pretty interesting =P

Updated/New sections

- As usual, every now and then I re-read some of the pages on the site and make changes if necessary. I recently tweaked the Affiliation and Media Guidelines pages(again), so if you're interested in affiliation or downloading media files, please take a look at them. By the way, I just want to say something about the media files. As you probably know, I've kept the mp3s up for quite a while(as opposed to switching them with the video clips) because I've been adding new mp3s and I want to give people a chance to get them, and because people seem to like them better. But in spite of their popularity, my bandwidth hasn't gone over its limit lately, so I can only guess that there hasn't been direct linking or excessive steaming of the songs. So I want to thank those of you who save the mp3s to your computer(rather than repeatedly downloading from the site) and of course, those of you who don't direct link. Hopefully if everyone does this, the media files will always be available ^_^

Inuyasha mp3s - 3 new mp3s(these are the three new Character Singles that came out about a month ago ^_^)

Evangelion mp3s - 2 new mp3s


Well, I finally posted the survey results today, as well as some other new things ^_^ Not sure when I'll be able to update again, since I've got work and studying to do that I've been putting off, but it shouldn't be too long. Ok, see you all later =)

Updated/New sections

Surveys - the results for the two surveys have been posted ^_^ Thanks to everyone who participated in them! Those surveys are now closed, but I might reopen them another time if I decide to make changes to them. But for now, there are two new surveys for you to take, so go check 'em out!

Mp3 Requests - The mp3 requests are back! ^^ Sorry I had to take this page down for a while. Anyway, just make sure you follow all the instructions first. Enjoy!



Hey...well, I finally posted my coverage and photos from AnimeLA! ^_^ I'm going to update again sometime next week with the survery results and at least one new survey, so check back soon! =)

Updated/New sections

Anime Los Angeles 2006 - I went a made a new page called Anime Conventions under the Special Features heading on the homepage, in place of where the Anime Expo 2005 link used to be. So now that page has coverage of the two conventions I've been to, and hopefully lots more to come ^_^


Hi…well I had some time tonight so I decided to do a small update =) By the way, I went to Anime LA last Saturday and it was fun ^_^ Not as good as AX, but still fun. I'll try to post photos and some coverage of it next update, along with the results of the surveys(and maybe some new surveys.) Even though I start my next college semester on Monday, I should still have time for some updates every now and then, so don't worry ^^,,, Well, guess I'll see you all soon =)

Updated/New sections

Links - I finally went through this section and added a bunch of new links and took away all the dead links

One Piece mp3s - 2 new mp3s

Full Metal Alchemist mp3s - 1 new mp3

Pokemon mp3s - 1 new mp3

Naruto mp3s - 1 new mp3


Hey, pretty big update today! =) This weekend I'm planning to go to an anime convention called Anime LA, which is pretty close to where I live. Hopefully, I'll be able to take some pictures and post them on the site. After that, it's my last week of vacation and I'm going to spend it relaxing, LOL(and getting through all the anime in my "to watch" pile =P) So I'm not sure when I'll be able to update again...probably in early February sometime. I usually take three classes per college semester, but this time I'm taking four; two Japanese classes(Japanese 4 and Japanese Cultural Awareness), a computer, and a math class(LOL, I've been avoiding math all this's my worst subject ^^,,, As you can probably tell from all the writing on my site, words are my friends, numbers are not!)

Well, guess I'll see you all soon. Enjoy the new pages! Oh, and thanks to everyone who's taken the surveys ^_^ I'm gonna wait until I get about 500 responses for each before I post the results(don't worry, it shouldn't take too long...I already have over 50 ^^)

Updated/New sections

- I added three new pages today, all of which contain explainations of the endings of controversial animes =)

Wolf's Rain Ending Interpretation - Wolf's Rain ending got you stumped? Read my(very long) explaination of it!

Noir Ending Interpretation - Noir ending seem a little hazy? Let me help clear it up ^^,,,

Evangelion Ending Interpretation - I really should've added this page years ago, LOL. But I got the urge to do it now, probably because Eva is airing on Adult Swim now, so new fans are in the making =)


Hi! Got a brand new Special Features page for you all! =) Enjoy! I plan on updating again in a few days...

Updated/New sections

Anime Surveys - help me learn more about you, my beloved anime-fan visitors, by taking these simple little surveys ^^,,, So far I've got two surveys posted.


And a third new anime section is up ^^ Ok, I think that's gonna be it for new anime sections for now. I'm not sure what I'll do next update...maybe I'll add more pages to the new sections, or work on old sections...depends what I feel like =P Ok, hope you're all enjoying the new anime sections!

Updated/New sections

Noir - the Noir section is up! ^_^V


Another new anime section is up!(and another is on it's way tomorrow ^^)

Updated/New sections

Wolf's Rain - the Wolf's Rain section is up! ^_^

- also, I decided to remove the Anime News section. I just haven't been able to keep it up and by the time I feel like posting news, other sites already have it(so by the time I get to it, it's old news.) So I just decided to spend time working on other sections of the site. Sorry, but there are way better anime news sites out there =P


Hiya! Well, the first of the new anime sections is up! ^_^ For the next couple of days I plan on updating with new anime sections, so you can look forward to 'em! Ok, see you all tomorrow =)

Updated/New sections

Bleach - the Bleach section is up! Enjoy! ^^