Anime Links has one of the largest selections of anime wallpapers!

AnimeNation is the best source if you're looking for anime DVDs, T-shirts, manga, CDs, and other stuff to buy

Lelola is one of the best anime sites and the one that inspired me to create Anime Yume ^^ It always has up-to-date news and it covers lots of anime and has tons of images, info, fun, humor, and other great stuff!

Anime Cubed has one of the largest collections of anime images is the ultimate source for anime lyrics and song translations

Anime News Network is the best and most trusted anime news site!

As the name implies, Online Ghibli has lots of images and info on all of the great Studio Ghibli films!

The Luna Regina

Anime Galleries is one of the best source for all kinds of anime images and screencaps!

My friend pkjd's anime blog that has lots of up-to-date anime/Japanese entertainment news and images. I'm also a staff member on Moetron and occasionally make posts as well ^_^

All has great online games, downloads, news, links and other good stuff

Anime Nano collects some of the best anime blogs sites and lists their most recent posts. My blog, Mainichi Anime Yume, is also part of it =)
Anime-Paper has an incredible collection of large, high-resolution, hard to find scans and wallpapers from a vast variety of anime. Unfortunately you have to contribute to their site (such as donate money, submit your own scans, etc.,) in order to download the full scans off their site. But if you're really into it, then I guess it's well worth it =)

Listen to some anime and j-pop tunes on AnimeYume Radio!

A nice site about upcoming anime conventions in the US

Anime Swords
A great site to purchase anime swords!

Japanese Anime Drawings
A site about cosplay outfits and drawing anime

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