Random Photos

On this page I've posted random photos that I've taken which may or may not have to do with anime, but might be interesting anyway ^^

My room

Here are some pictures of the room I've lived in for over 18 years. It's covered in anime posters and products as you'll soon see ^^,,,


Desk and laptop

Closet doors



Computer desk

TV and games

Anime DVDs

Another shot of the TV and computer

Toki: Oh yeah, and can't forget my darling kitty, Toki =^.^= She's so my little baby, LOL.

Nisei Festival

The Nisei Festival is a Japanese parade/performance held every year at Little Tokyo in downtown LA. I went to the one in 2006 and it was pretty fun ^_^ Here are some photos.

Taiko drums: Before the actual parade started, some performers played the big taiko drums.

Ondo: Seven different Japanese "ondo"(dance) songs were played, each with their own specific way of dancing. Everyone was allowed to join in, not just the performers. I didn't though, LOL ^^

Lots of dancing: The seven songs were played twice each. There were a lot of people in various kimonos too. Despite downtown LA not being my favorite area, the Nisei festival was nice ^_^

Me and the mascot: And there I am with the festival's shiba-inu mascot ^.^

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