My Anime Fan Fics

In this section I've posted the small collection of anime fan fics that I've written. It's been years since I've written any but I guess the three I have written turned out okay. Hope you enjoy! If you'd like to review my fics on Fan Fiction.Net, my pen name is Anime Dreamer36. ^_^

Humon Stadium Anime: Pokemon, Rating: G, Words: 2662, Genre: Humor

What if the pokemon were the ones who used humans to battle instead?! :)

Shield of the Heart Anime: Tenchi Muyo!, Rating: PG, Words: 11894, Genre: General/Action

An evilness has escaped. Jurai gleams in his fiendish eyes. Sasami is alone in his clutches. She hears Ryoko clash blades with his. She hears Ayeka call for her. She hears Ryo-ohki meow to comfort her. But she can't be a hero hiding underneath her bed...

Soul Redemption Anime: Evangelion, Rating: PG-13, Words: 12254, Genre: Drama

A WYDS from The End of Evangelion. Asuka's Eva is destroyed. Her soul hides in the bowels of painful memories. But there's a light of hope, a beckoning, that whispers to her from the depths of the vastly changing world. But she must come to grips with her own self if she ever hopes to grasp the elusive truth.

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