The following condensed autobiography was made by me.

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How Anime Came My Way

*The Condensed Autobiography of an Anime Fan*

by Alia Lee (a.k.a Yumeka)

posted Feb. 5th, 2005

Welcome to my "condensed" anime autobiography. For those of you who are wondering what this is exactly, basically I've recounted my own personal history and experiences with anime, starting from when I was a little kid watching cartoons, to becoming the major anime fan that I am today, and creator of this web site. I'm sure you're probably thinking "I came here to find stuff about anime! Who wants to read your boring life story?" Well this is NOT my life story. Though it is detailed and extensive, I only focus on how anime has affected my life and nothing else(hence it's "condensed." This is an anime site after all! ^^,,,) It still may seem like a long and boring thing to read, but I really tried to make it interesting and informative. I don't just flat-out tell you how I got into anime; I've put much of my own personal feelings into it and I've really tried to show how my love for anime was not something instantaneous but a passion that developed in many "steps" throughout my life and changed me in a very profound way. Well, if you're still interested in reading about a fellow fan's long but impacting journey to anime fandom(and you feel like doing some reading!), then I hope you enjoy this "condensed" autobiography of mine! ^_^ It's divided into chapters 'cause I'm sure most of you don't want to read all of it! ^^,,,(or maybe you do...?)

Ch. 1 Natural Born Animation Lover

Ch. 2 Pokemon - More Than A Fad

Ch. 3 The Door To Anime Fandom Is Opened!

Ch. 4 The Anime Just Keeps On Coming!

Ch. 5 The Birth of Anime Yume...And Beyond!

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