All Greeting Cards on this page were made by me.

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Anime Greeting Cards

I've collected many kinds of anime pictures over the years, and I noticed that a lot of them feature special occasions, such as Christmas, new years, summer time, etc. So I decided to do some editing on them and turn them into downloadable greeting cards for the site ^_^ So here they are...they're nothing fancy, but I had fun making them. Feel free to send them to your friends via e-mail, or download them to your computer and print them out. On some of them, I've even put a "to:" and "from:" space for you to put your name and the name of the person you're giving the card to ^^ You can use these cards for your own personal pleasure, and even do some of your own editing on them if you want. But all I ask is that you don't post them on another web site without giving me credit. Ok, enjoy!

Winter Greeting Cards

Cardcaptor Sakura Winter Greeting

Inuyasha Winter Greeting

Another Inuyasha Winter Greeting

Record of Lodoss War Winter Greeting

Valentine's Greeting Cards

Inuyasha Valentine's Greeting

Summer Greeting Cards

Chobits Summer Greeting

Fushigi Yugi Summer Greeting

Inuyasha Summer Greeting

Tenchi Muyo! Summer Greeting

Another Tenchi Muyo! Summer Greeting

Pokemon Summer Greeting

Record of Lodoss War Summer Greeting

Halloween Greeting Cards

Cowboy Bebop Halloween Greeting

Revolutionary Girl Utena Halloween Greeting

Christmas Greeting Cards

Cowboy Bebop Xmas Greeting

Cardcaptor Sakura Xmas Greeting

Pokemon Xmas Greeting

Magic Knights Rayearth Xmas Greeting

Love Hina Xmas Greeting

Another Love Hina Xmas Greeting

Tenchi Muyo! Xmas Greeting

Full Metal Alchemist Xmas Greeting

New Year Greeting Cards

Cardcaptor Sakura New Year Greeting

Tenchi Muyo! New Year Greeting

Birthday Greeting Cards

Inuyasha Birthday Greeting

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