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Anime Expo 2008

Anime Expo '08 Photos & Video Clips

There were many fantastic cosplayers at AX '08 and a lot of group cosplayers too. I took more cosplay photos at AX '08 than I did at any anime con but I still didn't get everyone I wanted! XD But I did manage to get a handful of good ones so enjoy. There were all kinds of cosplayers at AX '08 including non-anime cosplayers and even random things like Tetris blocks, a Wii remote, and a Myspace page! XD I also took some other photos and videos around the LACC for those of you who missed out and want to see what it was like =)

Around the Con

(Photo) LACC: A general photo of AX attendees at the LACC

(Video) Exhibit Hall: Video inside the Exhibit Hall, mostly near the Bandai booth

(Video) AX attendees: Another video near the Bandai booth as I wait for the autograph sessions to start =3

(Photo) LACC 2nd floor: A view of con goers from the 2nd floor (sorry it came out kinda dark)

(Video) AX attendees from 2nd floor: A view of AX attendees walking by from the 2nd floor of the LACC

(Video) Caramelldansen!: Someone in the Exhibit Hall came by with a stereo playing the Caramelldansen song so a bunch of people joined in to do the dance. It was very amusing XD

(Video) AX attendees: A walk among other AX attendees

Cosplay Photos

Vocaloid cosplayers

Chiyo Chichi (Dad) from Azumanga Daioh

Pokemon Trainer tries to catch Chiyo Chichi XD

Princess Peach and Daisy

Sonic the Hedgehog!

All the digi-destined from the first season of Digimon

The digi-destined cosplayers doing a dance

The puppet from Ouran (forgot its name)

Soul Eater cosplayers

Pokemon D&P cosplay group

Haruhi cosplay group

The first half of a big Sonic cosplay group

The second half of a big Sonic cosplay group

Bahamut from Final Fantasy 10

Smash Bros. Brawl cosplay group

Gurren Lagann cosplayers

A huge Prince of Tennis cosplay group

Franky and Nami from One Piece

Kamina and Kittan from Gurren Lagann

Sailor Moon cosplayers

Ouran Host Club cosplayers

Haruhi and Mikuru bunny girls!

Chopper from One Piece

Al from Full Metal Alchemist

Peter Pan cosplay group


Death Note cosplayers

Slayers cosplayers


Code Geass cosplayers

Lucky Star cosplay group

More Vocaloid cosplayers

Angemon from Digimon

A prinnie from Disgaea

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Pac Man!

Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn

I think they're from Ben 10

Rozen Maiden cosplayers

Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh!

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