Anime Expo 2005

Anime Expo(AX) has been held at the Anaheim convention center in Anaheim, California since 1992 and is the largest anime convention in North America. The 2005 AX was my first anime convention, and even though I only went for one out of the four days, it was definitely one of my most wonderful experiences! ^_^ On this page I've posted complete coverage of my time at AX '05. Of course, I'm hoping to add more for all other Expos that I'm able to attend for(hopefully) many years to come!

My Day at Anime Expo '05: Here's a very detailed account of the anime events that I attended at AX '05 and how I spent my entire day there. It's written from the(excited) point of view of someone attending their very first anime convention, so I apologize if I sound like I'm glorifying everything more than I should ^^,,,

Anime Expo '05 photos: Here are the photos that my friend Jennifer and I took at AX.

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