Anime Los Angeles 2006

Anime Los Angeles 2006 was a small anime convention held at the Airtel Plaza in Van Nuys, California from January 27th to the 29th. Since I was on winter break at the time, and because it was fairly close to where I live, I was able to go. But since it didn't have nearly as much stuff to offer as AX, I only went for one day, but it was still pretty fun.

After I finally found my way after getting lost in the hallways(there's so many and they all look the same! XP) I went to a workshop where Kyle Hebert, who does the voice of the narrator on Dragon Ball Z and also the English voice for Kiba on Naruto, talked about the voice acting industry. After that I spent pretty much the rest of my time there browsing around the sellers' booths(though I only bought a few things) and then I attended the comical "Who's Line is it Anime?" game ^_^ Just from the name, you can probably guess how crazy(but entertaining) it was ^^,,, That's pretty much you can see there's not nearly as much to report as AX. But anyway, onto to what you really want to see, cosplay photos!

Al, from Full Metal Alchemist

Kikyo, from Inuyasha

Naruto Sand ninjas!

Ichigo and Renji, from Bleach

Sakura and Ino fight over Sasuke ^^

Ed(and Ein), from Cowboy Bebop

Zabuza, from Naruto

Now two Zabuzas face off!

Pokemon group! May, Meowth, and Raichu

Even little kids cosplay as Naruto characters!

Now it's Itachi's group!

Urahara and a Soul Society member(not sure who), from Bleach

Big Final Fantasy group

And finally, another big Naruto group

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