Additional Anime Pics

In this section I've put lots of pictures from other, older, anime series' that I like but never got around to making a section for.

Sailor Moon

The Sailor Moon cast in casual attire

Nine Sailors

Ten Sailors

A cool pic from Sailor Moon R (with Black Lady and Prince Diamond, too)

A big manga group pic of Usagi and Mamoru's wedding!

A manga pic of ALL the Sailors!

Small chibi group


Cool group pic!

Hitomi, Van, and Merle (Cute ^^)

Ranma 1/2

The whole cast!

My fav Ranma 1/2 pic! ^_^

Cute little chibis

A cool Christmas pic

Everyone in chibi form! ^^

Princess Mononoke

Ashitaka and San

A beautiful mix of scenes on a forest background *_* (with the cute Kodama, too)

Pretty Sammy

The entire cast! ^_^

The entire cast as chibis! (so adorable! ^.^)

This would be a typical Tenchi Muyo!pic if Sasami didn't have the magic wand! ^^,,,

Cute pic from the OVA! ^_^

Sorcerer Hunters

A cute pic of Tira and Chocolate using Carrot, Marron, and Gateau as playing pieces in a board game ^_^

Carrot thinks of usual (and Tira and Chocolate think of punishing him!)

A beautiful pic of the Sorcerer Hunters!

Marron with the rest of the characters as chibis (So cute! ^.^)

Shaman King

The main characters

An awesome manga pic of the entire cast! ^_^

A cool pic from the saga with Zeke!

A pic from Yoh's battle with Len

Sonic X

The whole gang!

El Hazard

Beautiful group pic!

All the girls!

A cute pic from the OVA

A really cool pic from the TV series

Chibis! (Poor Makoto ^^,,,)


The Jubei-chan cast!

The main characters (Bantaro is so cute! ^_^)

All the guys are after Jiyu!

A cool manga pic of all the characters!

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

Orphen, Cleao, and Magic

Cute pic of Cleao and Leki ^_^

Funny group pic! XD (I kinda feel sorry for Dortin, though...)

Kingdom Hearts

From Chain of Memories - this pic is shown after you beat the game

The awesome Chain of Memories cover art

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