Record of Lodoss War Picture Gallery

Chibi Shiris, Spark, Deedlit, and Parn (and of course, the cookie-snatchin' dark elf!)

A cool group pic with beautiful art!

Unfortunetly this pic is really small, but it's so cute I couldn't resist! ^.^

A cool pic of the cast from the OVA!

Spark and his group! ^_^

A beautiful pic of Parn and Deedlit! *_*

Mycen and Narse in a vicious dragon battle!

Ryna, Neese, and Leaf in hot springs (and Spark would rather not be there... ^^,,,)

The entire cast as chibis! (the cutest pic of 'em all! ^^)

The chibi cast at the beach (this is just hilarious! ^.^)

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