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Seiyuu: Hiroaki Hirata

Position: Cook

Sanji spent most of his childhood as a cook on a ship. He was a culinary expert right from the start but he also had a dream to one day find the All Blue, a sea route rumored to have every kind of fish in the world. However the All Blue was only a myth and the other cooks mocked him for believing that it really existed. But little did they know that Sanji's dedication to his dream would soon save his life. One stormy night a pirate named Zef and his crew invaded the ship. Sanji bravely tried to defend the ship but he was no match for the tough pirates. Even so, he strongly proclaimed not to give up until he found the All Blue. Zef seemed touched by this, and when the storm grew more fierce and Sanji was knocked into the ocean, Zef jumped in to save him, losing one of his legs in the process.

The next morning the two found themselves stranded on an uninhabited island. Zef told Sanji that the reason he saved him was because they both shared the same dream of finding the All Blue. But now they were stranded and all they had was one bag of food. Zef only gave four days worth of food to Sanji and kept the rest in the bag for himself. He then told Sanji to keep a look out on the other side of the island for any passing ships. Sanji cleverly divided his share into twenty days worth. But twenty days soon passed and there was no sign of any ship. Sanji grew so crazed with starvation that he decided to kill Zef and eat his food, since he seemed to have more of it. But when Sanji ripped open Zef's bag, he saw there was nothing in it but treasure...Zef had actually given all the food to Sanji! After realizing this, and seeing how thin and close to death Zef had become, Sanji became choked with despair and he begged Zef not to die. But luckily a ship finally came and they were rescued just in time. The two of them decided to open up their own "floating" restaurant on the sea where all ocean travelers could stop by for a meal. As time went on they gathered more cooks and their restaurant, called the Baratie, became successful. And even as Sanji grew up he was still the Baratie's top cook and his cooking skills were constantly improving.

After Luffy and his crew arrived at the Baratie, they were impressed by Sanji's amazing cooking and Luffy kept pressing Sanji to join the crew and become their chef. At first, Sanji refused to join and leave the Baratie, but when a powerful and brutish pirate named Don Kreig and his gang threated to take over the Baratie, Luffy risked his life to help Sanji defeat him. After the long battle with Kreig, Sanji finally decided to leave the Baratie and join Luffy's crew, hoping their journey to the Grand Line would lead him to the All Blue.

Not only is Sanji an excellent cook, but his fighting skills aren't bad either. However, he only fights with his feet(because his hands are meant to cook.) Like Zoro he's pretty laid-back and confident most of the time.(The two of them seem to have a sort of "manly" rivalry.) But unlike Zoro, Sanji immediately turns on the charm the minute a pretty girl comes his way. He's especially fond of Nami and he'll never miss an opportunity to cater to and compliment her. It's hard to say whether he likes cooking or girls(or perhaps smoking?) better.

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