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One Piece Story Synopsis

In a fantastical sea-oriented world full of pirates and giant sea creatures, hidden treasure, ships, and island towns, a notorious pirate named Gold Roger hid his most valued treasure deep within the infamous and extremely dangerous sea route known as the Grand Line. Before he was executed, he made a challenge to all other pirates that if they were brave enough to venture to the Grand Line and find his treasure, known only as One Piece, they could keep it as their own. However, the pirates of this world are not your stereotypical "Aye, matey!" pirates with eye patches and wooden legs. There are good pirates and bad pirates, from greedy, blood-thirsty plunderers to free-spirited and sea-loving adventurers. But in spite of the variety of pirates that have tried to make it through the perilous Grand Line and find One Piece, none have ever succeeded.

Eventually, most pirates and other sea-goers begin to truly fear the Grand Line and believe that all those who willingly venture there are fools seeking their own deaths. But these thoughts don't stop one particular pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy who wants nothing more than to travel to the Grand Line, find One Piece, and become "King of the Pirates." Inspired by his childhood hero, a scruffy but cordial pirate named Shanks, Luffy will stop at nothing to achieve this dream of his. But Luffy is no ordinary boy. When he was younger, he accidentally ate a forbidden "cursed" fruit that turned his body into rubber! Although being a "rubber man" has made Luffy's body impermeable to most weapons and other dangers, it's taken away his ability to swim. But despite the sea being his worst threat, Luffy is determined to gather a crew and a ship and set sail for the Grand Line. Because of his unfaltering dedication to his goal, Luffy does indeed pick up many crew members during his adventures, including the tough swordsman Zoro, the aloof but skilled navigator Nami, the good-natured but potential fibber Usopp, the expert cook Sanji, and the transforming, talking reindeer Chopper. Together, Luffy and his crew journey through many high-seas adventures, face off against wicked pirates, and encounter all kinds of colorful characters during their ongoing search for One Piece!

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