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Seiyuu: Wakana Yamazaki

Position: Navigator

Nami and her sister Nojiko were orphans who were taken in by their tough but caring foster mother Bellmay in Kokyasha Village. The three lived happily together, but their peace was soon shattered when the wicked merman Arlong and his gang of merman pirates invaded the village and took over. Arlong forced all the villagers to pay him a certain amount of berries(currency) a month or they would be killed; 50,000 berries per child and 100,000 berries per adult. But Nami and her family were poor and all they had was 100,000 berries. Bellmay decided to use that amount to pay for Nami and Nojiko instead of herself. Arlong's men eventually caught up with her and she was separated from Nami and Nojiko and killed. Arlong then decided to kidnap Nami because he was greatly impressed by her map-drawing skills and he wanted her to use her talent to help him. So Nami reluctantly became one of Arlong's pirates(and she received his signature tattoo on her arm.) But Arlong also made a deal with her; if she could get him a total of 80 million berries, he promised he would then leave the village for good. So Nami left Kokyasha Village and spent 8 years trying to gather the 80 million berries. She didn't hesitate from using any form of deceit or trickery she could think of in order to achieve her goal, and she became a specialist at robbing unsuspecting pirates of treasure they had stolen.

Nami first met Luffy and Zoro during their encounter with the notorious Buggy the Clown, a pirate whom Nami had stolen a map of the Grand Line from. After they defeated Buggy, Luffy convinced Nami to join his crew and become their navigator. But not long after that, Nami abandoned the crew and stole their ship and its treasure in order to get back to Kokyasha Village and give the money to Arlong. But Luffy and the rest of the crew caught up with her and after they found out her reasons for doing what she did, they decided to help her get rid of Arlong once and for all. After a difficult fight, Luffy and the crew managed to vanquish Arlong and the rest of the merman for good and finally liberate the people of Kokyasha Village. Nami then gratefully rejoined Luffy's crew and they continued on their journey to the Grand Line. Although she no longer needs to gather money for Arlong anymore, Nami still retains her independent and manipulative personality, and she still has a soft spot in her heart for money. But now her goal is to travel the seas so she can one day fulfill her childhood dream of making a map of the entire world. Being one of the only girls in the crew, she's sometimes irritated by her rowdy male companions, but there's no doubt that meeting Luffy changed her view of pirates.

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