Hayate the Combat Butler

Original creator: Kenjiro Hata

Animation studio: Synergy SP

Japanese title: Hayate no Gotoku!

English adaption title: Hayate the Combat Butler

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Parody

Original air dates:
Hayate no Gotoku! (season 1) April 2007 - March 2008
Hayate no Gotoku!! (season 2) April 2009 - September 2009

Number of episodes: 77


After Hayate's extravagant parents incur a debt of 150 million yen, they disappear leaving Hayate at the mercy of the debt collectors! Desperate, he decides to hold a girl for ransom. The girl, Nagi, is actually from a millionaire family and, after he winds up saving her from real kidnappers, she falls in love with him and pays off his debt in return for his services to her as her butler. Hayate then has many comical, wacky, and if not bizarre adventures as Nagi's "combat butler."

Picture Gallery

Hayate and Nagi

Hayate, Nagi, and Maria

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