Asatte no Houkou

Original creator: J-ta Yamada

Animation studio: J.C. Staff

Japanese title: Asatte no Houkou (Direction of the Day After Tomorrow)

English adaption title: This series has not been licensed in English

Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice-of-Life

Original air dates: October 2006 - December 2006

Number of episodes: 12


Karada is a young girl who hates being treated like a child by her older brother Hiro, and who wishes to be grown up. Shouko is Hiro's ex-girlfriend who wishes Hiro would give her the affection he gives Karada. Coincidentally, Karada and Shouko meet at a local shrine, and after making wishes on a sacred stone, they wind up switching ages...

Picture Gallery

Karada and Shouko

Karada and Shouko making a cake

Young Karada

Adult Karada

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