Original creators: Visual Art's/Key

Animation studio: Toei Animation (movie), Kyoto Animation (TV series)

Japanese title: Air

English adaption title: Air

Genres: Drama, Romance, Fantasy

Original air dates: January 2005 - March 2005

Number of episodes: 13

Number of movies: 1


Yukito is on a journey seeking a girl with wings who flies in the sky, as was mentioned in a childhood tale told by his mother. After making his way to a small town, he meets a lonely, eccentric girl named Misuzu. Misuzu has dreams of flying in the sky, and behind her mischievous demeanor, harbors a sad and troubled home life. As Yukito gets to know her better, he comes to realize the truth about the legend of "The Girl in the Sky."

Picture Gallery

Cute young Misuzu

The girls enjoying summer days

Misuzu and Yukito

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Air AMV - Worlds Unbroken

The most beautiful Air AMV

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