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The Band of Seven

The Band of Seven were a group of extremely powerful warriors who were also incredibly cruel and bloodthirsty(each of their names ends in "kotsu" which means "bones.") Together they killed thousands, but they were eventually overcome by a gathering of powerful armies and beheaded. Their remains were buried in a small village shrine in order to appease their departed souls. And there they remained for 15 years before Naraku decided to revive them and use them to defeat Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and everyone else who's after him. One night he sent Kohaku to their graves with shards of the Shikon Jewel to use in order to revive each of them. Once the Band of Seven was resurrected with the power of the shards(they each had one shard embedded in their neck or forehead), Naraku told them that he'd let them each keep their Shikon shard(and newly given life) if they help him defeat the ones that are after him(not just Inuyasha's group, but Sesshomaru, Koga, and even Kikyo.) Naturally, the violence-loving Band of Seven agreed...and it's not until around episode 121 that Inuyasha and the others are finally able to defeat all of them! The order of the bios is the order in which they each first appear.


Before Inuyasha or anyone else even knew about the Band of Seven(they didn't learn about them until episode 103), Kyokotsu appeared in the forest and was killing off Koga and Ayame's Wolf-Demon tribes. They had trouble figuring out exactly what he was since his scent was neither demon nor human, but more like a zombie. Wanting to obtain the Shikon shards in Koga's legs, Kyokotsu attacked him. But like most gigantic, muscle-bound monsters, Kyokotsu was all brawn and not much brains so Koga managed to pull the tainted Shikon shard out of Kyokotsu's forehead and turn him back into a pile of bones.


Jakotsu is the first of the Band of Seven that Inuyasha and company face off against. When news of the Band of Seven's return had leaked out, an army went looking for them. When Jakotsu blocked their path, they attacked him(they didn't know that he was one of the ones they were looking for), and he toyed with them before coyly killing them all. When Inuyasha and the others found him, he was examining one of the soldier's iron-barreled guns with childlike curiosity ~_^ Despite his somewhat air-headed demeanor, he's incredibly gay(which is putting it mildly)and he fell head-over-heels in love with Inuyasha at first sight(much to Inuyasha's disgust.) He makes many flirtatious comments about the other guys he encounters like Miroku, Sesshomaru, and Koga, but he still considers Inuyasha the only man for him. Unfortunately for Inuyasha, Jakotsu's idea of showing his affection is attacking with his sword that's made up of a bunch of blades connected to each other, but that move together with all the lethality of a whip. Jakotsu's not as dedicated to his duty as the rest of the Band of Seven(if it doesn't involve Inuyasha, he doesn't want to do it), and he seems to like to have fun sometimes(though it usually involves something pretty horrendous like, let's say, killing people.) After Inuyasha was finally able to defeat him, he didn't mind too much about dying(again) and considered his life fun and without regret. But as he lay there defeated, Renkotsu took the shard out of his neck and he returned to being a pile of bones.


Mukotsu specializes in using all kinds of dangerous poisons(which seem to only work on humans.) Despite his crafty nature, he's incredibly insecure about the ugliness of his face which he says makes all women hate him. In an attempt to appease that insecurity, he used his poison on Kagome so that she was unable to move her body, took her back to his cabin, dressed her up as his bride, and pretended to be marrying her. When Miroku and Sango came to rescue her, Mukotsu was furious about the interruption and unleashed his poison on all of them. However, Sesshomaru arrived on the scene looking for Inuyasha, and he quickly made short work of the bungling Mukotsu. However, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango almost died from the poison, but luckily Myoga was able to suck it out of them. The fact that his friends came so close to dying made Inuyasha bear a deep grudge against the Band of Seven from then on.


Probably the most cunning of the group, Renkotsu first posed as a humble monk willing to help Shippo who was desperately looking for a safe place to hide Kagome, Miroku, and Sango after they had been poisoned by Mukotsu, while Inuyasha fought with Ginkotsu. He invited them to rest at his temple(little did they know that he had disposed of everyone else in the village.) However, Kagome soon spotted the tainted Shikon shard in his neck but before she could do anything about it, he put all of them to sleep with a pot of incense and took her shards as well(he didn't kill them right away because he was hoping that he could get more information about Naraku from them.) When Inuyasha arrived, he didn't tell Renkotsu everything about Naraku...only that he's probably using the Band of Seven to do his dirty work. Satisfied with that and, when Inuyasha went to fight Ginkotsu again, Renkotsu set fire to the temple while the others were still sleeping inside!(nice guy, huh?) Renkotsu's a pyro-maniac with a huge fire-shooting cannon and the ability to spew flames from his mouth. Despite all the power he has, he despises the fact that he's only second in command to the even more powerful Bankotsu. Secretly he wished to keep the shards that he took from Kagome and the defeated Band members, but he was forced to give them all to Bankotsu out of pure fear of him. Finally, he couldn't stand being second best anymore, and he confronted Bankotsu, demanding to know why he thought he was so much better. In a few quick moves, Bankotsu tore out the last few shards Renkotsu had been hording in his body, and said that the difference between them is that he doesn't turn on his allies(Renkotsu had just shamelessly stolen Jakotsu's shard.) Full of utter anguish and contempt, Renkotsu then fell back into being a pile of bones.


Ginkotsu is like a living tank with a heap of dangerous weapons and artillery at his disposal, including cannons, metal wires, flying razor-edged disks, and a grabbing claw hand. He first appeared when Inuyasha, Shippo, and Kirara were trying to find a safe place for Kagome, Miroku, and Sango after they had been poisoned by Mukotsu. He pursued them through the forest until Inuyasha stayed behind to fight him, and managed to eventually beat him...until the other Band members gave him a new body that was even more tank-like, with robotic, spider-like legs. Ginkotsu doesn't talk much(he makes this hissing sound most of the time that sounds like mechanical laughter), but he's good at taking orders. After he was finally defeated by Koga, he willingly gave his shard to Renkotsu, whom he was the closest to.


Suikotsu was once a kind-hearted and extremely caring doctor who dedicated his life to helping children. But one day a gang of thieves sabotaged his village and, even though some other villagers pleaded with him to simply run away and save himself, he refused to leave the side of the wounded little girl that he was desperately trying to save. But at that moment, one of the thieves cold-bloodedly killed the girl with a drop of his sword and told Suikotsu that she would've died anyway. When the thief went after him as well, Suikotsu was so overcome with grief and rage that he picked up a knife and managed to kill the thief. After doing so, the fact that he, a dedicated doctor, had failed to save a life and ended up taking one instead became more than his heart could bear, and a demonic darkness entered his body and mind and turned him into the vicious Suikotsu of the Band of Seven, with sharp spiky hair and even sharper steel claws. But after he was resurrected, he reverted back to being the kind doctor he once was and took care of a group children. He made friends with Kikyo, and she could see that the Shikon shard in his neck was pure instead of tainted because he still had goodness left in him. She sympathized with him because, like herself, he was a dead person brought back to life, and he also cared a lot about children. But it wasn't long before the rest of the Band of Seven arrived and brought the bad Suikotsu out of him once again. Suikotsu finally met his end when he and Jakotsu had Sesshomaru cornered and he threatened to kill Rin if Sesshomaru made a move. But Kikyo arrived and managed to stop him with her arrow. Suikotsu finally went back to his old self and asked Kikyo to remove the Shikon shard from his neck so he could finally be free. Before she could, Jakotsu snatched it out and later gave it to Bankotsu.


The leader of the Band of Seven, Bankotsu is extremely confident and level-headed and nothing much can shatter his devil-may-care attitude. The enormous blade that he carries(which he considers his "partner") is a deadly weapon and good match for Tetsuaiga, and he can even use it to manipulate lightning. His outlook is that now that he's been given new life, he'll continue living to the fullest as he always had in the past, which he believes is only way those like him(revived dead souls) should live(he told this to Kikyo when she encountered him in the forest and questioned him about his way of life.) After all of the other Band members had been defeated, Bankotsu was left with all of their shards(including the two that Renkotsu took from Kagome) which made him and his blade nearly unstoppable. However, after a difficult battle Inuyasha managed to slice Bankotsu in half with Tetsusaiga after he weakened him by tearing out most of the Jewel shards from his body.

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