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Welcome to my page of Inuyasha spoilers! Back when Inuyasha had first come to the US, I made this page for those who wanted to find out what happened in later episodes that hadn't aired on Adult Swim yet. I knew it would happen eventually, but here we are a few years later, and Inuyasha is nearing its end on Adult Swim as well. So that meant that nothing on this page was a spoiler anymore. But even though the anime has ended, the manga is still continuing and has well over 10 volumes worth of story that have yet to be made into anime episodes. Since the English Inuyasha manga is over 20 volumes behind the Japanese manga, I decided to make this page dedicated to spoilers for the later chapters of the manga that haven't been released in the US yet. So for those of you who may or may not have seen all the episodes of the Inuyasha anime, but aren't all caught up on what's happened in the latest chapters of the manga, I hope you enjoy the following spoilers ^^

Just so you know, these summaries aren't nearly as detailed as the ones I had for the anime episodes...I've only written short bits of information and posted a handful of plain manga scans(I've edited out the dialogue bubbles.) But they should be enough to tease all you Inuyasha fans for now until I find the time to write them in more detail later =)



We caught a glimpse of Mouryoumaru in the last episode of the anime. He was created by Naraku using Goryoumaru and the "haku" of demons(parts that move the body but not the soul.) For a while, Naraku hid his "other half"(the baby that contains his heart) inside of Mouryoumaru. Eventually, Mouryoumaru decided to go against Naraku and he also caused a lot of trouble for Inuyasha and co. He stole the power of Inuyasha's Adamant Barrage and he also absorbed an impregnable armored shell from another demon. But even he was eventually overpowerd by Naraku, and after Naraku finally killed Mouryoumaru and absorbed his powerful body, he took back the baby with his heart as well.

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Mouryoumaru_1: Inuyasha battles Mouryoumaru.

Mouryoumaru_2: Mouryoumaru's new body, after he absorbed Inuyasha's Adamant Barrage and the giant armored shell.

Mouryoumaru_3: Naraku finally destroys Mouryoumaru, taking his powerful body in the process

Mouryoumaru_4: After that, Naraku takes back the baby who holds his heart. The baby was using Mouryoumaru to betray Naraku as well.

Hakudoshi's Death

Hakudoshi was also planning to use Mouryoumaru to betray Naraku. But again, Naraku was a step ahead of him, and detroyed Hakudoshi while he was trying to kill Kagura.

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Hakudoshi's Death_1: After Naraku destroys Hakudoshi's body, Miroku sucks him into his Wind Tunnel.

Kagura's Death

Even though she survived the brutal attack from Goryoumaru, Naraku never intended to let Kagura's betrayal go unpunished. Not long after he destroyed Hakudoshi, Naraku finally delivers a fatal wound through Kagura's body. During her last moments alive, she had helped Kohaku escape from Naraku, but in the end she was unable to save herself...

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Kagura's Death_1: Naraku stabs Kagura with his tentacles.

Kagura's Death_2: Afterwards, Kagura goes off by herself to die alone in a field of flowers. But when Sesshomaru unexpetedly finds her, she smiles(for the first time?) and thinks to herself that she wanted to see him one more time. LOL, I always knew she had a thing for him ^^

Kagura's Death_3: Sesshomaru knew Tenseiga would be unable to save her, perhaps because her body isn't "real" and is just a part of Naraku. So sadly, everyone can just stand and watch as Kagura's body finally succumbs to Naraku's miasma...poor Kagura =(

Koga's New Attack, Goraishi

Koga gains a new powerful attack, the Goraishi, which roughly translates as "five lightning fingers," from a wolf-demon graveyard.

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Goraishi_1: Before he could gain the new attack, Koga had to defeat the giant three-headed demon that guarded the graveyard.

Goraishi_2: Koga battles with the Goraishi.

Tetsusaiga's New Abilities

During the later chapters, Inuyasha gains a few new attacks for Tetsusaiga. He has trouble mastering a couple of them at first, but after a lot of training and fighting, they become very effective.

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Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga: Toushuu was a sword-smith who was forced to forge an evil sword by a Ryuujin(literally "dragon person") demon. But Toushuu ended up becoming controlled by the sword's evil energy and killed the Ryuujin, absorbing its dragon scales in the process. After defeating Toushuu and the evil sword called Dakki, Testsusaiga gained Dakki's ability to absorb the demonic energy of its opponents. The Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga backfired on Inuyasha a few times before he was finally able to use it effectively.

Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga_1: Inuyasha battles Toushuu and Dakki, after Toushuu's body starts to turn demonic from Dakki's evil energy.

Flame Tetsusaiga: Inuyasha and co. encounter Ginka and Kinka, two demon brothers whose long, snake-like bodies are joined together. As part of the rules for their race of demons, Ginka and Kinka constantly fighting each other to determine who will control their joined bodies. But Mouryoumaru interferes, hoping to absorb Kinka and Ginka into his body.

Flame Tetsusaiga_1: After Ginka is killed and absorbed by Mouryoumaru, Kinka uses the last of his power to give Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga a powerful new flame attack.

Youketsu: And one last attack that Tetsusaiga gains is the Youketsu(translates to something like "hole of demonic energy.") With this attack, Inuyasha can see the swirls of demon energy(as opposed to wind flows, for the Wind Scar) and cut through them.


Naraku's newest underling, Byakuya. He has the ability to create illusions and he gets around on a giant origami crane, much like Kagura did with her giant feather.

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Byakuya_1: Byakuya's left eye has the ability to fly independently from his head, allowing Byakuya to see what happens from far away.

Sessomaru's New Attack, Meidou Zangetsu Ha

After Toukijin is destroyed during a battle with Mouryoumaru, Sesshomaru's Tenseiga gains a new ability, the Meidou Zangetsu Ha(roughly translates as "the dark path's morning moon destruction.") This attack opens up a cresent moon shaped void in the sky that sucks its opponents into the realm of the dead. The cresent moon gets more whole as Sesshomaru masters the attack.

Kikyo's Death

Sadly, there's no bringing Kikyo back this time...

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Kikyo's Death_1: Naraku is ready to destroy Kikyo once and for all!

Kikyo's Death_2: During the intense battle to save Kikyo, Naraku finally manages to take Koga's two jewel shards!

Kikyo's Death_3: Kagome's arrow and Kikyo's spiritual powers were enough to drive Naraku away for the moment...but not enough to save Kikyo.

Kikyo's Death_4: Inuyasha cries for his beloved 8_8

Kikyo's Death_5:...and Kikyo's body disintegrates into the air...

Kikyo's Death_6: Everyone looks on as Kikyo's soul-collectors bid a final farewell.

Sesshomaru's Mother

Sesshomaru's mother finally makes an appearance! She pops up pretty unexpetedly in order to help Sesshomaru strengthen Tenseiga's new attack. However, she doesn't count on the fact that Sesshomaru is more concerned for Rin's saftey than his sword's power...

This is as far as I'm gonna go with spoilers for now. Again, I didn't explain everything in detail 'cause I want to give you guys something to anticipate as the rest of the Inuyasha manga makes its way to the US. And maybe, hopefully, there will be a new anime series to go with it ^_^

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