Inuyasha Episode & Movie Listings

(Note: These are translated Japanese titles, not the offical English dub titles.)


1. The Girl Who Crossed Over Time and the Boy Sealed Away

2. The People Seeking the Jewel of Four Souls

3. Back Home Through the Bone-Eater's Well!

4. The Hair Demon Yura

5. The Fearful Young Nobleman Sesshomaru

6. The Ominous Demon Sword Tetsusaiga

7. The Strongest Clash! Sesshomaru vs Tetsusaiga!

8. The Lord Demon Tsukumo Toad

9. Shippo's Entrance! The Thunder Brothers Hiten and Manten

10. Collision of the Demon Blades! The Lightning Blade vs Tetsusaiga

11. The Cursed Noh Mask, Revived In the Present

12. The Soul Piper and the Little Evil Spirit

13. The New Moon's Enigma? Black-Haired Inuyasha

14. Kikyo's Sacred Bones Stolen

15. The Sorrowful Priestess Kikyo's Revival

16. The Delinquent Monk With the Right Hand Wind Tunnel, Miroku

17. The Corrupted Ink of the Hell Painter

18. The Alliance of Naraku and Sesshomaru

19. Go Home, Kagome! Back to Your True Time

20. The Dispicable Theif Onigumo's Secret

21. Naraku's Truth is Drawn Out

22. Kikyo's Soul

23. Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss

24. The Demon Slayer Sango's Entrance

25. Overcome Naraku's Plot

26. The Secret of the Four Souls is Finally Revealed

27. The Water God Who Controls the Lake of Darkness

28. Miroku Caught in a Harsh Trap

29. Sango's Anguish and Kohaku's Life

30. Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle

31. The Kind-Hearted, Lonely Jinenji

32. Kikyo and Inuyasha Fallen Into the Miasma

33. Captured Kikyo, and Naraku

34. Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga

35. The Noted Sword Chooses the Real Master

36. Kagome's Looting! The Speedy Wolf-Demon Koga

37. The Guy Who Fell In Love With Kagome

38. The Couple's Feelings Connected After Separation

39. Planned Life and Death Struggle

40. Wind Sorceress Kagura's Bewitching Trap

41. Kagura's Dance and Kanna's Mirror

42. The Reflected Wind Scar

43. Tetsusaiga is Finally Broken!

44. Kaijinbou's Possessed Sword

45. Sesshomaru Draws Toukijin

46. Juuromaru and Kageromaru

47. Onigumo's Heart Lingers in Naraku

48. I Want to Go Back to Where We Met!

49. Kohaku's Lost Memory

50. The Face that Doesn't Fade From My Heart

51. Inuyasha's Engulfed Heart

52. Unstoppable! The Demon's True Nature

53. Father's Mortal Enemy, Ryuukousei

54. Tetsusaiga's Ultimate Attack, Backlash Wave

55. Flower Stones and Shippo's First Love

56. The Lure of the Beautiful Woman in the Mist

57. Everything that Happened One Night In Togenkyo, Part One

58. Everything that Happened One Night In Togenkyo, Part Two

59. The Beautiful Sisters' Apprenticeship Ambitions

60. The Black Priestess, a Curse of 50 Years

61. Kikyo Appears, the Use of the Ceremonial Spirit

62. The Heartless Tsubaki's Curse

63. The Red and White Priestesses Blocking the Way

64. Tahou Tower's Giant Ogre!

65. Goodbye to the Days of Youth

66. Naraku's Barrier, Kagura's Decision

67. The Wind of Betrayal Blows Out of Control

68. Shippo's Angry Duel Invitation

69. The Terror of the Man With No Face

70. Onigumo's Memory Revived

71. The 3-Way Struggle to the Death

72. Totosai's Strange Training

73. Shiori's Mother and Shiori's Feelings

74. Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the Barrier

75. The 4 Panther Devas' Conspiracy

76. The Targets are Sesshomaru and Inuyasha!

77. The Panther Devas and the Two-Fang Swords

78. Aiming for Sango - Only You

79. Jaken's Tetsusaiga Stealing Operation

80. Sesshomaru and the Kidnapped Rin

81. Naraku's Whereabouts are Finally Broken

82. The Loophole Between the Present and Warring Days

83. The Female Wolf-Demon Tribe and the Promise of the Moon Rainbow

84. The Super-Fast Marriage Deal

85. The Rising Miasma of the Ogre's Head Castle

86. The Patron Princess's Secret

87. Wandering Kikyo's Lonely Voyage

88. Three Spirits of the Monkey God

89. The Check-Up Confrontation Between "That Guy" and "Him"

90. Sota's Brave Confession

91. The Suspicious Spiritualist and the Black Kirara

92. The Revived People's Ambitions

93. The Mystery of the Disappearing and Reappearing Lecherous Monk

94. Those Who Created the Jewel of Four Souls, Part One

95. Those Who Created the Jewel of Four Souls, Part Two

96. Jaken Falls Ill

97. Kirara Leaves and Doesn't Return

98. Only Kikyo and Kagome in a Cave

99. Sesshomaru and Koga's Dangerous Encounter

100. A Nightmarish Truth - Battle in the Forest of Sorrow

101. The Lingering Snow of 7 Years Ago

102. The Wolf-Demon Tribe Attacked by a Zombie

103. The Band of Seven Resurrected

104. The Stealthy Poison-user Mukotsu

105. The Threatening Heavy Steel Weapons

106. Kagome, Miroku, and Sango in a Serious Crisis

107. Inuyasha Sheds his Tears for the First Time

108. The Pure Light's Secret

109. Heading to the Misty Mt. Hakurei

110. Enter Bankotsu, the Leader of the Band of Seven

111. Fight! Banryuu vs the Wind Scar

112. Hijiri Island's Barrier Floating on the Lake

113. The Mystery of Hijiri's Barrier Tool and the Living Mummy

114. Koga's Isolated Fight

115. The Swallowed Black Light

116. The True Face Exposed

117. Inuyasha Disappears in a River of Flames

118. The Heart of Mt. Hakurei

119. The Divine and Wicked Saint

120. Jakotsu's Farewell Requiem

121. Final Battle! The Strongest and Last of the Band of Seven

122. The Powerful Banryuu! Duel to the Death at Mt. Hakurei

123. Naraku Reborn Beyond the Darkness

124. Farewell, My Beloved Kikyo

125. The Darkness in Kagome's Heart

126. Change Heartache into Courage!

127. Don't Boil! The Horror of the Dried Demon

128. The Dried Demon and the Battle at the School Festivel

129. Chokyukai and the Stolen Brides

130. Cry Out, Shippo! The Heart Scar!

131. The Scroll of Kannon - Cursing Traps

132. Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession

133. The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru, Part One

134. The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru, Part Two

135. The Final Banquet of Miroku's Master

136. The Bizzare Invisible Demon Appears!

137. The Ancestor's Name is Kagome

138. The Two's Survival in the Land of Demons

139. The Battle at Sho 'Un Waterfall

140. Eternal Feelings! The Halberd of Heaven and Earth

141. The Unleashed Demon Horse Entei

142. Runaway Entei and Terrifying Hakudoshi!

143. 3,000 Leagues in Search of Father

144. Housenki and the Final Shard

145. The Strange Sentries at the Gate of the Next World

146. The Wild Tempered Bird User, Princess Abi

147. A Fateful Love Song Before We Met, Part One

148. A Fateful Love Song Before We Met, Part Two

149. A Single Arrow Calling Up Trouble

150. The Light that Leads to the Saint

151. Kagome's Instinctive Choice

152. Protect and Rob!

153. The Destiny is a Cruel Reunion

154. The Demon Linking to the Next World

155. The Devil that Guards a Shard of the Shikon Jewel

156. The Battle Before the Tomb! Sesshomaru vs Inuyasha

157. Cleave Naraku! Kongousouha!

158. A Stampede of Countless Demon Rats

159. Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart

160. The Violent, Two-Timing Boy Who Brings Happiness

161. Miroku's Old Mistake

162. Together With Lord Sesshomaru, Forever

163. Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, and the Secret Garden

164. The Most Powerful Enemy - Parasite Pupa Shippo!

165. The Best Clue to Defeating Naraku

166. The Two's Bond - Use the Shikon Shard!, Part One

167. The Two's Bond - Use the Shikon Shard!, Part Two


Movie 1: Inuyasha the Movie 1 - Love That Trancends Time

Movie 2: Inuyasha the Movie 2 - The Castle Through the Mirror

Movie 3: Inuyasha the Movie 3 - Swords of an Honorable Ruler

Movie 4: Inuyasha the Movie 4 - Fire on the Mystic Island

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