Evangelion Picture Gallery

All the characters

My favorite Evangelion pic! ^_^

What's Asuka planning to do with those watermelons? ~_^

Hikari likes Toji

The main characters with Eva Unit 01 behind them

A really cool pic from The End of Evangelion

A cute group pic

A bird's-eye-view of the entire cast!

Shinji, Rei, and Asuka in kimonos

Kawaii Christmas pic! ^_^

I like the background art in this picture

Asuka is ready to kick some a$$! >)

Beautiful pic from Death and Rebirth *_*

Chibi Pictures

Chibis playing violins(except Shinji's got his cello)

Chibis at school ^_^

Cute chibis at school, part 2!

Chibi Asuka rules!

Everyone as chibis! ^.^

Manga Scans

"Follow Back Along Your Scar" (Misato and Kaji)

"Shall We Dance?" (Shinji and Asuka)

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