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Clow Cards

Here's my little guide to the mystical Clow Cards of Cardcaptor Sakura. The list is in order of when Sakura captured each card. In each Clow Card's entry there'll be two pics: one of its actual card, and the other of its form when it's not sealed into a card. There's also info about what the card does, what episode Sakura captured it in, and how she captured it. Well, that's about it. Enjoy! ^_^

The Windy

The Fly

The Shadow

The Watery

The Wood

The Rain

The Jump

The Illusion

The Silent

The Thunder

The Sword

The Flower

The Shield

The Time

The Power

The Mist

The Storm

The Float

The Erase

The Glow

The Move

The Fight

The Loop

The Sleep

The Song

The Little

The Mirror

The Maze

The Return

The Shot

The Sweet

The Dash

The Big

The Create

The Change

The Freeze

The Firey

The Arrow

The Snow

The Voice

The Lock

The Cloud

The Dream

The Sand

The Dark

The Light

The Twin

The Earthy

The following four cards never made an actual appearance on the show, but Sakura did capture them somehow

The Libra

The Wave

The Bubbles

The Through

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