Bleach Picture Gallery

Awesome cover art from a Bleach game book

A cool pic from the Bleach 2004 calendar

Some fan service for ya, LOL. All the girls in bathing suits ^^,,,

Ichigo and friends on the run!

I like the Soul Society border in this pic ^^

A cool pic of Ichigo

A pretty pic of Rukia

Chibis of all the characters (can you spot Ichigo in this picture?)

Enormous group image of all the characters in the Soul Society arc

*NEW!* Ichigo and friends from the Hueco Mundo arc

*NEW!* Ichigo and the villains from the Hueco Mundo arc

Bleach 2005 Calendar Scans

I didn't scan this calendar, but I
got it from a site on Anime Suki.

Bleach 2005 Calendar cover

Bleach 2005 Calendar page 1

Bleach 2005 Calendar page 2

Bleach 2005 Calendar page 3

Bleach 2005 Calendar page 4

Bleach 2005 Calendar page 5

Bleach 2005 Calendar page 6

Bleach 2007 Calendar

Bleach 2007 Calendar cover

Bleach 2007 Calendar page 1

Bleach 2007 Calendar page 2

Bleach 2007 Calendar page 3

Bleach 2007 Calendar page 4

Bleach 2007 Calendar page 5

Bleach 2007 Calendar page 6

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