i hope you all havent been so badly brainwashed that u dont know who i am, mickey mouse! the immortal icon of how brilliantly superior disney and all american cartoons are!!!! i dont know how it started but recently our friends over in the land of the rising sun think their cartoons are so much better than ours and theyve even succeeded in getting once fans of disney and american cartoons to believe it! its outrageous! how can ppl replace the harmless slapsticks of american cartoons with the boring, violent, perverted, and ridiculously complicated japanimation?! do parents no longer care that their kids become influendced by these atrocities of animation and grow up to be serial killers and sex-crazed perverts ??? do they really want their kids to have to strain their poor little brains and think to they can follow each animes stupidly complex plots, and actually see characters who act like real live people instead of cartoon toons??? does america really want this kind of revolution??? whatever the reason its hurting my financ...uh i mean feelings for our poor invaded country and so i decided to do something about it. im starting to wage war against these big-eyed baddies from the far east by first exterminating a major source of their brainwashing tactics, the internet!!! im going to all the damn japanime sites i can find and hacking them to bits!!! if i work fast enough i can eliminate all of them before its too late to save america and all her timeless animation!!!! this site, anime yu whatever is one of my first successes and there will be more to come!! for those of u who have already fallen victim to these horrid asian invaders its not too late to change!!! and for those who think me mean for doing this, i am merely trying to preserve our animated culture...and besides theres nothing u can do, tell the japanimes to go back where they came from, we dont want them here!! theyve been warned and if they resist they shall all face certain emminent dooom!!!! MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

just kidding, happy April fools day!